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The code of business: where technology meets success

The code of business

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 1, 2021  9:50 AM ET

Modern times call for modern ways. Business this 20th century offered a new face to all entrepreneurs. Businesses tend to switch more to technology as a tool in improving. Everything now is online, whether it be shopping for clothes, groceries, medicine, consultations, and even televisions!

Vuuzle Media Corp proudly steps up its game in its platform. VMC caters client’s needs through offering the new era of entertainment. In less than a year, the company has slowly paved its way to success. In fact, VMC just won a brand blazer award for streaming innovations given by Verizon Media. It also premiered its latest venture, the Vuuzle Studios located in Dubai, which uses top caliber equipments for its outputs.

So, meet the wonderful team behind every venture of the company!

Petrick Fontamillas: Jr. Web Developer

“Vuuzle Media Corporation helped me bloom out of my box. My web developing skills greatly improved, and my creativity was enhanced in using Photoshop. The high pressure of work pushed me to go beyond my limits, which I like because I was able to deliver top-caliber outputs. VMC challenges me on a different level and I am always ready to step up the game.”

Petrick Fontamillas earned his degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Holy Angel University.

Being the Jr. Web Developer of VMC, Petrick is mainly in charge of developing websites of Vuuzle Media Corp, under the supervision of his seniors.

Petrick ensures that all websites are properly maintained and secured. He also regularly updates details or innovations within sites.

Aside from this, he is also responsible for the Identification Cards (ID) of more or less hundreds of employees in the Philippines. Petrick is also assigned in creating unique business cards used by VMC’s employees for company transactions.

Petrick is known in the company for being friendly and having a good sense of humor. His family is his treasure and backbone in life, that’s why he works even beyond working hours just to provide for their needs. Aside from building his career, he also enjoys playing basketball and has a high level of passion for cars.

Petrick may be the youngest of the “techy-team”, but he talks most life lessons from his experiences. He is also the best version of him when he’s drunk. Cheers!

Alaine John Gutierrez : Programmer

“Vuuzle Media Corporation helped me jump out of my comfort zone. My programming skills slowly improved. The demand for work outputs enabled me to learn to manage my time. My work became a teacher in treating priorities according to their levels. VMC pushed me to become a better person and employee.”

Alaine Gutierrez graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information and Technology at Systems Plus College and Foundation

Being the Jr. Programmer of VMC, Alaine is mainly in charge of duties related to codings, under the supervision of his seniors.

Among Alaine’s duties are coding email marketing campaign, code HTML email template using table format with
Inline CSS, and converting email marketing campaign design into HTML file created by the Graphics Department.

Alaine also helps in making Identification Cards (IDs) of more or less hundred of employees of VMC in the Philippines. He also currently working on Dubai Shopping Channel and regularly updates the photos of products sold.


Alaine is the “silent game slayer” of the group. He tends to be mum most of the time, but his outputs are always excellent. Alaine always strives to learn beyond his daily task, and do better every day. He also rarely complains of tasks even under pressure.

Other than his programming skills, Alaine also loves playing basketball and online games. He is also selfless when it comes to his friends and families. He can set aside his self for the sake of his loved ones. If that does count as good culture, what else would be?

Roi Calderon : Graphic Designer / Web Support

“VMC help me to grow, be mature, responsible on every action, improve my skills and be flexible in my field. I believe that camaraderie is one of the key to the company’s success. Proud to be part of the VMC’s success.”

Roi graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Holy Angel University.

Being a Graphic and Web Designer of the company, he is mainly in charge of the Web Design & Development of Clout9App.com. and other websites affiliated to the company.

Roi is also responsible for creating the company’s greeting cards and performs basic to advance SEO.

He is also generous enough to guide younger generations on rendering tasks, and parts his knowledge and experiences in a certain field.

Roi is known being an introvert person. Most of the time, people create a wrong impression of Roi being snobbish and strict. But in reality, he is a very down-to-earth person. He also loves to engage himself in intellectual conversations with people of same interest. Roi has a good sense of humor that people can’t help but laugh while talking with him. He is a good adviser as like what his friends label him.

Aside from his excellent skills in technology, Roi also loves video games. He likes to reminisce and bring back the kid in him by collecting some action figure toys of his choice. He also enjoyed drawing during his younger years because of his artistic mind and imagination. Some of his favorite sports include badminton, chess, basketball, volleyball. Roi also has a special love for food, so eating is a hobby and stress reliever. He loves to watch foodie blog/vlog most of the time, enjoys movies from the different genres such as anime, action, thriller and much more to mention.

Mark Joseph Torres : Graphic Artist

“Vuuzle Media Corp helped me to enhance my creativity in rendering quality outputs. The company trained me to do tasks assigned without compromising the standards and quality of my work. As a young adult, having experience working in a big company really boosts my self-esteem and trust. VMC thought me to be creative and to love my skills.”

Joseph Torres graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information and Technology at Don Honorio Ventura State University.

Being in the Creatives Department, Joseph is mainly in charge of creating design materials for the company.

The success of campaign materials also relies on his works. He creates graphics for banners, press releases, thumbnails, and media presentations.

Joseph is very keen to small details and how it compliments another element. He can communicate with people through his works.

Joseph finds a special connection with art. His eyes see beyond what is visual. He loves to explore things and create new ones. He aim to be better in his works everyday.

During off-hours, you’ll probably see him holding his guitar or grinding at the gym, while he creates his masterpiece of himself. Music and working out became his stress relievers.

Anne Tan : Web & Graphics Department Head

“Vuzzle Media Corp brought out the best in me. The company really pushed me beyond my known skills. I have explored a lot of areas in my work, which positively affected my working ethics and skills. I also have met wonderful people within the company. We grow together and help each other produce top-caliber outputs. VMC challenged me to become a better “me” everyday, and I think I’m succeeding on it.”

Anne Tan graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at Holy Angel University.

With her degree, her skills pushed her to be in charge of all the websites connected with Vuuzle Media Corp, not just in the Philippines, but to all countries it handles.

Among the areas of expertise of Anne are: Web Design and Development, Servers and Security, Graphic Design, and Web and Tech Support.

She also guides all team members. She serves a great leader for she pushes the whole team in doing better each project.

When you see Roanne, you’ll probably think of a typical “girl-next-door” type of personality. In reality, she rocks the whole VMC with her skills! Also, She finds a deep connection with dogs and treats them like a family. So, there’s more to love with Roanne because you’ll often catch her around while carrying her cute little dog!

Owen Dave Caisip: Senior Web Developer

“Vuuzle Media Corp thought me to manage my time more efficiently. The company also pushed me to improve my conversation skills whenever I assist my teammates with their work-related concerns.

I also found good times with my wonderful co-workers. I appreciate every talent and skill they have, which contributes to the success of our outputs.”

Owen Caisip earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at Holy Angel University.

He acts as the Senior Web Developer of the company. He is mainly in charge in putting up websites and maintaining them in good shape.

Being the Senior in the group, he extends his knowledge and skills to the tea. He gladly mentors everyone with their questions regarding a task.
He also ensures that all problems regarding sites are being solved as soon as possible.

If there’s a person in the room that makes a wise decision, it’s Owen.

Owen seems to be the silent type but you’ll often catch him around laughing and throwing punchlines with his co-workers. Being the natural “wise” of him, Owen tends to observe things, even their smallest details.

He also enjoys playing video games, and creating good times with friends. Of course, who hates sleeping? Owen enjoys relaxing and spending his free time sleeping. This helps him relieve stress and reflect upon things.

Joydee Reyes : Content Manager & Public Relations Specialist

“Vuuzle Media Corp helped me adjust with this fast paced world. Before, I was having difficulty in using technology as tool in working. Now, I appreciate using gadget to make tasks easier. Aside from that, the company also helped me support my family, as I am a breadwinner. Also, I encountered new experiences that really helped me grow as a person, and an employee. I am really thankful for the career I built with VMC.”

Joydee is mainly in charge of the external relationship of the company. Aside from this, she also publishes news articles everyday. She also send press releases and certificates to shareholder and partners.

Joydee is one of the head turner of the crowd. With her milky-soft skin, bright smile and bubbly personality, you could not help but to enjoy talking with her. She also loves to sing, which really entertains employees in stressful times.

Francesca Jade Hernandez : Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

“Vuuzle Media Corp helped me see the best out of the people. Being a fresh graduate, I did not realize the importance of teamwork in a company’s success. Everyone has a color to offer. These colors, whether it’s a favorite one or not, make up a whole beautiful artwork. I got to know more about myself, and discovered strong and weak points of my skills. I also appreciate how people fill in natural gaps to produce top-caliber outputs.”

Jade Hernandez graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Holy Angel University and is currently taking up Law.

She is in charge of the publication of blogs, and news articles on the Vuuzle PH site. Jade is also responsible for the content of the ads, newsletters, press releases, and company memorandums and ensures that the SEO of the published works is good. She plays with creativity, ideas and word in order to connect with clients and potential partners.
Silent and cunning as she may seem, ideas loudly burst inside of her. She loves reading, climbing mountains, and immerses herself in different cultures, where she often gets ideas for her works. She enjoys exploring heights that would motivate her reach summits. Lastly, there’s more to love with Jade because you’ll often catch her around while carrying her cute little cat!

Vuuzle Media Corp is only moving forward!

According to the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp Ronnie Flynn, the main component of the image is to create an atmosphere of a single team in the team, where everyone, doing their own thing, remembers the common goal, say, success in national and international markets.

Author: Francesca Jade Hernandez || Vuuzle Media Corp, Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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