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The Art of Shopping for Local Value: Building Communities and Supporting Neighbors

When you go shopping – whether it’s at a store or online – how often do you think about the power of your spending habits? Will it comfort you to know that your purchases help local communities thrive and prosper? And how would you feel, knowing that the jewelry or clothes you just purchased was made by a neighbor who lives just around the corner from where you live or work? You won’t get that satisfaction shopping at brand-name shops, or at big box stores either. However, here at Local Corners, everything you see is just around the corner from you!

Arts & Farmers Market: San Jose Boulevard 

If you’re looking to support a good cause, and also have a great time with family and friends while finding some great deals, then Florida’s local jewelry stores are the place to go to. However, you don’t need to make long trips and go miles out of your way, because you’ll find all you need right around the corner from you.

Every second Saturday of the month, local artists, crafts people, and jewelers come together on San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville FL, to bring you the most exotic array of handmade crafts and other assorted items. These are unique creations that you’ll never find in the big box stores. And the prices – guaranteed affordable and the lowest you’ll pay for the high-quality goods you get here.

From Bags, Bracelets, and Clay tiles and pottery, to Scented oils, Home-baked cookies and breads, Dips, Sauces, Kitchenware, Electronic items, Decorative ornaments, and Hand-woven baskets, quilts and more! You’ll find it all at the Arts & Farmers Market every month. And it’s not just local jewelry stores and product vendors that have stalls here. It’s a festive environment with lots of foods, fun events, and a festive atmosphere too.  

For those of you that dread the hustle and bustle of cross-town shopping, or making that tiresome out-of-state trip to shop for something, the Arts & Farmers Market is your better alternative. Many of the vendors have been around for 7-years – since the market started. And you’ll likely be a long-time visitor too, once you learn what’s available right around the corner from you!

VinTinAgeByJeane: Vintage Jewelry Locally Available 

If you are a jewelry aficionado, then you’re probably tired of wearing the same old designs and patterns that are mass produced by branded jewelry producers. Well, here’s some good news for you: VinTinAgeByJeane is a one of a kind jewelry maker with a difference – and now you can access her creations locally!

Unlike the impersonal “fire and forge” approach of most mass-marketers, Jeane creates her unique pieces of jewelry by hand-cutting and sanding bits of vintage tin boxes and trays, putting them together as masterpieces of wearable art. But there’s much more than ear rings, bracelets and charms waiting for local shoppers. You’ll find everything, from Jewelry and Accessories, Clothing, Shoes, Toys, Craft supplies and Collectibles…and more at this jewelry maker.

By supporting your local vendors, you not only get high-quality goods at affordable prices. But your support helps keep local communities surviving and thriving during these especially challenging times. If it’s a spirit of neighbors helping neighbors that you wish to espouse, then shop just around the corner from you, and do just that!