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Stuttie, An Online Educational Platform Brings Out aRevolutionary Conceptof Learning

                 Perfecting the art of studies, a brand-new educational website is now unlatched

USA — March 15, 2021 — During the new normal, COVID-19 Pandemic, the founder of the newly launched educational website, Stuttie, has given an opportunity to students across the globe to overcome their loss. His vision has led students and teachers to come across a single platform to voice their views and concerns.Stuttie.com is a social platform that allows students to engage with one anotheror in groups to acquire tutors internationally. The one-on-one approach aids in creating a virtual classroom, which leads to progressive learning.

Stuttie aims at providing essential tools required for enhanced learning and quality education. OAN (Online Access Now) is a technology company engaged in delivering virtual solutions that engage students across the globe. Stuttie is the best online forum for the rich as well as for those who cannot afford good schools. Stuttie.com focuses on equal standards of education for all students. Having bright teachers from all over the world, Stuttie is determined to impart high standards of education globally.

The premium IT Infrastructure company has partnered with Stuttie.com to provide access to its virtual in-home support program. Students will be able to access the online programs, communicate with their desired tutors, or work in groups to facilitate the processof learning.It has relieved parents and assistedstudents to succeed in the field of education.

The brainchild of Kenneth Matthews, Stuttie levels the plyaing field providing all students an equal opportunity to succeed. TY Moodley, IT director. OAN, says, “OAN is delighted to be partnering with community and social organizations. With Stuttie.com we have a solution which will help enhance the quality of education to those who need it the most.”

Stuttie’s goal is to use innovative technology to bridge the gap between enthusiastic learners globally. Stuttie is profoundly progressing to establish a global enterprise by having a network of trusted and valued partners in five continents currently. E-learning has continued to become a reality in the modern education system.

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