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Steel Buildings Shield CBD Crops from Inclement Weather

With the more recent boom of the Hemp industry, Cannabis Sativa (CBD) start-up companies are on-the-move for new locations to set up shop and expand upon their market. But they are not necessarily looking in the places you might expect. Because of new technology, leading steel building suppliers are making it possible for them to maximize profit value in nearly any climate.


Like any agricultural product, like carrots or corn, certain conditions must be present to make them flourish. To grow well, they need a certain amount of light, water, and food. The hemp plant, from which CBD is derived, is no different. Arguably, it can be said that optimal growing conditions for this plant are subject to even more specific constraints.


“At General Steel, our efforts go into tailoring a client’s steel building to fit exactly what they need,” said General Steel, Vice President of Marketing, Travis McCain. “We help hemp farmers attain buildings that can fit the best growing conditions for the particular strain they choose to grow.”


And like numerous plants and vegetables, the hemp plant grows well in good soil. Growing a high-quality crop needs to start from the ground up- literally. Farmers can start by testing a sample of the soil that is going to be used to cultivate the plant. To find out this crucial number, the sample can be taken to a local agricultural center or a soil test can be purchased online.


If it turns out the soil tested does not register with a pH of 6-7.5, for a price, more rich soil can be attained to replace the less appealing batch. It’s important to look for soil rich in organic matter and packed with the recommended minerals they require.


Another important fact to consider, before starting your own hemp farm, is that hemp plants are true sun worshipers. As many climates do not have adequate lighting, growers are attaining spaces where artificial light can be installed. This family of plants will thrive in an environment where they receive the most growing light possible.


And while this approach to farming might cost slightly more, studies show that an optimal growing environment produces plants with a denser Cannabinoid resin. And because the light, temperature and humidity readings are kept constant, growing can occur year-round. 


“Our steel building kits are the highest quality on the market, so you can be sure they will withstand outdoor environmental changes, while keeping indoor conditions constant,” added McCain.


Along with exposure to controlled light, the moisture of the environment must likewise stick to a strict regime. During the first four weeks, freshly planted crops must be watered 1-2 times a day to allow for proper germination. After that, plants growing to 2 inches in height can have an adjusted watering schedule that keeps the soil moist for the growing season. And if lucky farmers get their hemp plants to reach 3-4 feet, water can be further scaled back to accommodate outdoor temperatures.


Equally important, good air quality and airflow must be established for plants to thrive. First, good air quality for hemp requires lots of fresh carbon dioxide (CO2) gases to be present. Plants utilize CO2 in the photosynthesis process. Therefore, an ambient level of this vital gas must be maintained to let the plants continue to convert sunlight energy into chemical energy for survival and regrowth.


Similarly, airflow helps the plants develop the vital microclimate needed for a good harvest. Established boundary layers encourage a healthy exchange of gasses. These static layers of air work to create a pocket of good atmospheric conditions for an optimal growing environment where photosynthesis is constantly occurring.


Clearly, it is no easy feat to think of starting your own hemp farm for industrial use or otherwise. To meet the end goal of producing healthy plants, that will yield a good crop, is not an easy undertaking.


Growing good hemp plants is not like taking care of a common house plant. Instead, it must be cultivated carefully in a very delicate environment, where the temperature, sunlight, water and gas content can be easily controlled. Gathering good information can determine the fine line between what comes or does not come to fruition.


That’s why choosing to invest in a steel building, to establish your farm in, might pay off. With the right design details embedded in the structure, any hemp entrepreneur can enclose their stock and create a controlled environment that protects their plants – and whatever the product may be – from Mother Nature’s elements.


Behind any great business lies a great foundation. Why not call today to find out about securing a piece of the pie by using a steel building for your hemp farm or CBD distillery?


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