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Special Wagyu Experience Presented by the Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council

Introducing New Menu Items Using Japanese Wagyu Beef at Restaurants in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City Areas

In order to highlight the deliciousness of world-renowned Japanese Wagyu Beef, the Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council is hosting a Special Wagyu Experience.

This event will feature the recipes of top chefs at restaurants in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City areas, giving diners a chance to explore a new and tantalizing side of Japanese Wagyu Beef.

A video showcasing the details of this event will be released to American media outlets on January 14, 2022 at EST 3PM / PST 12 PM

Wagyu is globally renowned as top-class beef with intense intramuscular marbling that creates a  melt-in-your-mouth sensation unique among breeds. Developed through selective breeding and original Japanese methods, Wagyu has an enticing aroma and  rich flavor.

Wagyu often conjures images of the ever-popular “loin cuts” including ribeye and sirloin, but there are diverse and intriguing cuts including shoulder clod, chuck roll, short plate and round. In Japan, these cuts rival the prime loin cuts in their extreme popularity. This event will feature recipes developed using round cuts. While these cuts are leaner, they have ample marbling and offer a tender yet meaty flavor perfect for use in roasts, BBQ and shabu-shabu. They’re a perfect match for almost any preparation method.

The quality of Wagyu beef is also seen in its superior attention to food safety. In Japan, each head of Wagyu cattle is individually traceable under a certified system. Information on exports of certified Wagyu is readily available through QR codes in 15 languages, providing guaranteed quality and safety for Wagyu consumers.

The Special Wagyu Experience will allow consumers to experience Wagyu and use the QR code Wagyu Traceability System. The QR codes provide consumers with a wealth of information on Wagyu cattle’s breeding location, date of processing, meat quality grade and pedigree.

(1)  Press Conference Details

Date and time: January 14, 2022 from EST 3PM / PST 12 PM

Press release video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a09p8LqmVXE

Media release date: January 14, 2022 from EST 4 PM / PST 1 PM

(2)  Press Conference Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council initiatives for 2021, including the Japanese Wagyu Beef Round Cut Project
  3. Recipe development sneak peek
  4. About the Special Wagyu Experience Event
  5. Conclusion

(3)  Download photo and video footage


Special Wagyu Experience Event Details

  • Participating restaurants will be listed on the official campaign website, allowing diners to search for those nearest to them. (URL: https://en.beef-japan.jp/ *Full list will be available January 14, 2022)
  • Diners who order a qualifying special menu item will be invited to complete a questionnaire about the dish by restaurant staff detailing their dining experience.

*Diners may inquire to restaurant staff if anything is unclear.

*The event will be considered complete when the Wagyu dishes for each restaurant have all been served.

For further details, please contact either of the establishments below:

Press contact: BRAVOWORKS, INC.

[email protected]

Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council (J-LEC)

JLEC is a Japanese organization consisting of multiple local municipal representatives that shares information with the world about Japanese livestock farming and the meat and egg production industry.

J-LEC website: http://jlec-pr.jp/en/

Special Wagyu Experience event website: URL: https://en.beef-japan.jp/

Instagram: @beef_japan_official
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Beef-Japan-101603855192050

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