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Some Important Things About Hallmark Gold Coins

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In modern times, we are aware of the facts that are important or say essential while we are purchasing anything especially the costlier ornaments, bars, bullion, etc. Now we purchase these things by observing it minutely and keeping the guidelines that we know or have knowledge about it. The important facts that we have to observe are the certification, the symbol that is the proof of the pureness and the qualities of the article or the costly pieces that we are going to buy.

So now let us discuss what the symbol is and how it becomes important at the time we are going to purchase any kind of ornaments. So the symbol we are familiar and we have to see on the articles or whatever we are taking made of precious metal is the hallmark yes this is also known as BIS mark. The symbol is providing by an association that had been made by the Indian government for checking and marking the quality of the yellow metal.

The associations have their own laboratories that are established in different cities for the hallmarking of different costlier things. This symbol makes you sure about the cleanliness and quality. This association is known as the Bureau of Indian Standards and if it has marked the ornament then it assures that whatever is written is correct and certified. This was started in the month of April of the year 2000.

Now if you are going to purchase or sell gold coins at high cost then you have to see this hallmark and then you will be capable of asking the money according to it. The Indian gold buyer and jewelers are so much knowledgeable and concerned that they even check this logo and the things written on it minutely and carefully.

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Let us take the point’s one by one that is mentioned in the stamp and see what the things are which are observed by the silver and gold buyer in Noida.

The first thing that you or the best jewelry buyers observe at the time you wish to sell gold coins is the logo of BIS that the logo of the Bureau of Indian Standards

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The next thing that is watched by the gold buyer in Delhi is the three-digit number it is written as 985, 928, etc. These numbers explain the karat of the ornaments, bars or bullion, etc. this is the most important part of this logo as it shows the percentage of purity of the item. If it is written then 958 then it is 95.8% pure and this is the same with 918 and other similar numbers.

The next thing attracts the mind of the businessmen who provide cash against gold in Gurgaon is the year in which it was made this is denoted by the alphabets like if the alphabet is ‘A’ then the articles or bars, etc are made in year 200o and if it is B then it is made in the year 2001 and it moves like this.

There are two more things that are seen in this symbol is the date on which this hallmarking is done. This is very important so that it can be confirmed from the data, the association had been maintaining and after this the last one is the bureau also certifies the jewelers, yes and the list of those in this business who are genuine and have the certificate from the company is mentioned on the website of BIS you can easily get it from their very easily.

After knowing this you can now be safe from being cheated and also able to earn money.

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