Solution If You Charged With Domestic Violence?

Don’t be surprised at how easy it is to get charged with domestic violence.

Don’t Admit Your Guilt

In many cases, the police officers that respond to the call may assume that you are guilty. Keep in mind that the arrest is not made to suggest you are guilty. You want to get the help of a domestic violence lawyer to understand what your options are. Pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge can hurt your reputation and ruin your future.

Get Released from Custody

You want to start working with a domestic violence lawyer as soon as you get out of jail. Don’t forget that it can take some time to find a good lawyer to defend you in court. You’ll also want to get as much time as possible to work with your lawyer and figure out how to defend yourself from the charges.

Try to Think of Evidence that Can Clear You

You can use the accuser’s words against him or her. For instance, if there was a claim that a wooden bat hit the accuser, there should be some leftover blood, fabrics, or breaks to prove the accuser’s point.

Try to Avoid Going to Court

In some cases, a settlement may be better than going to court if the accuser doesn’t drop the case. Just be aware that the accuser can agree not to move forward with prosecution. You want to see if your lawyer can find common ground with the accuser’s lawyer. Find a lawyer that has a good track record and has experience with the type of situation you are in.

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