Simple tips for students to take online exams from home

Millions of students across the world now depend on online studies due to various reasons. In some cases, colleges or universities may be located in different cities or countries, and it may not be possible for students to attend them in every case. In this situation, online education has become widely accepted, and this is best suited for short term courses. This can provide students with an opportunity to get the best quality of education without worrying about geographical borders. They can reach out to the best universities and training institutes globally to give a boost to their career.

Given this situation, it has become inevitable for colleges and universities to conduct online exams. The issue of conducting the exam in a fair and transparent manner is a big one in the education sector. However, you need not worry about all these things as you can now safely conduct online exams with the help of the latest technology. All you need is an excellent proctoring platform that can give you the best output for your online examination needs. The service providers can help you with the best technology in this regard that will aid you in conducting cheat-free exams.

Always have a good desktop computer

While taking online exams, always have a good desktop computer as this will help you take the exams without any problems. Make sure that the memory capacity and hard disk space are enough for such online exams. Even though you will be taking the exam on a browser assigned by the organizers, having a good quality computer will ensure that the program does not slow down and interrupt your exams.

Avoid relying on tablets and smartphones

Many people think that they can easily take online exams on mobile phones or tablets. However, you must be aware that many colleges and universities may have restrictions in this regard. It is always a good idea to depend on your desktop computer or laptop for this purpose. The different programs that run in the background on your mobile phones may interfere with the examination software. Apart from that, you may get calls and messages during exams, and this can lead to instances of malpractice, according to the organizers. For this reason, you should always avoid relying on such gadgets for online exams.

Use a good quality webcam

You need to have a good quality webcam and headset while taking online exams. Most organizers will ask you to switch on the webcam during online exams so that they can proctor the entire event. The entire session may also be recorded by the examination organizers for future reference. Apart from that, the webcam is essential to establish your identity. You will have to show your identity card and other relevant documents about the examination before beginning the session.

Have a secure internet connection

It is very important to have a reliable internet connection for this purpose. Your invigilators will monitor internet traffic during the exams using sophisticated software. This will give them an idea if you are trying to use other online resources during the exam. For this reason, you should always use a good quality internet connection that has a decent speed to handle a video call without any disturbance. As you will be using the webcam for the entire session, you need to have a decent internet speed.

Not only that, your browser activity will be monitored by the proctor during the online exam. For this reason, close all the other windows and disable programs that usually run automatically in the background. Remember that the computer will get locked to the examination window during the online exam, and you will not be able to use other programs throughout the session.

Be prepared with power backup

It makes a lot of sense to have a good power backup during the online exams. If there is a power interruption, you will not be able to convince the invigilators that it is not done with malicious intentions. They may disqualify you from the exams if your computer goes off during the online exam. For this reason, have a good power backup or use a good quality laptop with decent battery life to help you in this regard. Make sure that the organizers will accept the use of such laptops before you plan to use them for the online exams.

Never try to cheat during exams

When it comes to online exams, one thing you need to understand is that it is next to impossible to cheat during the proctored exam. The invigilator can detect your activity and alert the concerned authorities. Apart from that, the organizers can use sophisticated software that will be able to detect the suspicious activity of students using Artificial Intelligence programs. In this way, you will not be able to get away from such acts, and this can put you in an embarrassing situation as the entire incident will be recorded on the webcam. For this reason, you should always avoid depending on such things and work hard to score good marks.

Keep your computer safe from unwanted programs

When your computer has many unwanted programs, they can interfere with your work during the online exams. They may run in the background and create unnecessary suspicion about your activities. For this reason, disable all such unwanted programs and also disable the auto-update feature on a temporary basis while taking the exams. In this way, all the resources will be dedicated to a single program, and you can easily finish the exam without any interference.

Test run your system before the exams

Finally, you should try the test run once before going into the exams. You can use the webcam and see if it is recording properly and also test the microphone and headset in the same manner. Check the internet ports and ensure you have good power backup not to affect you during exams. If you take such precautions, you can easily clear the online exams without any hassles.

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