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MIAMI, FL. (September 2019) –  In August 2019, Aquavaut launched a public investment campaign on the platform Start Engine, with hopes of receiving enough investments to fuel their already explosive growth and product demand. Within the first week, over 100 investors joined, and by week 2, they reached 150 investors who contributed over $100k. Their campaign has already hit over $300k by the end of September and currently, 417 investors have joined the campaign.


“We’re excited for the success we’ve already seen throughout the campaign,” says Avin Samtani, COO and Co-Founder of AquaVault. ”We welcome any new investors to our Aquavault family, and thank all of our current investors for everything thus far.” 




What makes Aquavault attractive lies in the simplicity and the absolute need for the product. It’s a safe you use to put your valuables in while on the beach, at a waterpark, resort or cruise. It’s not the clunky lockers seen in restrooms or changing areas. It’s a small safe that attaches to your lounge chair. Why hasn’t this existed yet? Brilliant! 


The Travel Security company has also seen a lot of traction in the media (SharkTank) and their newest product, FlexSafe, was even featured on the Today Show and the billboards of Times Square. AquaVault and FlexSafe are currently offered in over 200 hotels and amusement parks around the world and can be found in retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s.


About AQUAVAULT® : AquaVault is a Portable Outdoor Travel Safe where you can lock up your valuables and enjoy your day. The AquaVault® is made of durable high impact ABS thermoplastic to withstand aggressive attempts on your valuables. The 120 cubic-inch cargo hull is roomy enough for wallets, watches, mobile phones, jewelry, keys, and other valuables. It’s designed to fit over 95% of existing beach furniture. Once your valuables are secure, you can start enjoying yourself without worry!


About FLEXSAFE® : The FlexSafe by AquaVault is a new Portable Safe that is made of lightweight, water-resistant and slash-resistant material for safety and durability. Loads of features include a zipper-reinforced pouch protected by a 3-digit combination lock and magnetic locking flap, mesh pockets, belt loop and several hooks for easy transport. The water-resistant material compresses to the size of a softball for easy packing and portability.


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