Several recommendations for Airbnb entrepreneurs to run successful business

In its 11 years in the holiday rental market, Airbnb has had a crazy success. This is confirmed by more than 6 million listings and cooperation with 191 countries around the world. This success can be explained by the fact that the company allows any person to join the business and rent out free housing. If you want to improve your business environment in Airbnb or want to take your first steps, the next 10 tips will come to your aid. For more information about the vacation rental business read on this blog.

Good photos bring success

Your investment in quality photos is sure to bring additional profit. Your property should be shown by all advantageous parties. Photos should show the character of the area, the surroundings, and all the amenities. It is important to hire a professional specialist who understands the intricacies of photography. This you need to withstand competition with other owners. The quality of photos on the site has improved in recent times. If you want your real estate paintings to stand out, try to make them better. Take photographs of the places and objects, which could attract the attention of your guests. One of Airbnb's entrepreneurs, Harry Bearchell, spoke about the importance of the photos in his listing. He was approached by a professional photographer, who offered to take pictures of the accommodation as payment for a night’s stay. The entrepreneur recalls how much benefit the photos have brought him. According to his words, for this money, it would be possible to support the client for a month.

More holiday options for your guests

Pay attention to your services, tell as much as possible about the advantages of staying in your place. Try to include anything that might interest a potential guest. Include in the list the following places that may be situated not far from your rental:
  • Sports facilities;
  • Concert halls;
  • Entertainment venues;
  • Museums;
  • Shopping malls.
If the property is out of town, show the surrounding nature. Maybe there's a way to cook a barbecue in the yard. Be honest when describing conditions.

Always be in touch

If you want to work with Airbnb, be always ready to respond to the guests’ notifications. The company's activities are very different from the hotel business, where you can book a room at a time. In Airbnb you will have to be always ready to contact the guest, so as not to make him wait. Holidaymakers appreciate the attention of the owners to their needs and can return to the responsible tenant of housing in the following periods of rest. Every householder in Airbnb dreams of several constant clients. Then he will have steady incomes.

Affordable prices

Millions of people on the planet choose Airbnb instead of hotels because of the low cost of renting. Displaying a reasonable pricing policy in the listing results in guests leaving positive reviews that have a strong impact on the successful promotion of rental properties. Attention to the details Try to show future guests more details about the services that you can provide. Even small things can make a big difference to a holidaymaker. Note these details:
  • The presence of tea, coffee, seasonings in the kitchen;
  • Places to relax in the yard;
  • Playing fields for children;
  • Available board games;
  • Having books and movies.
To appease potential customers, hospitable hosts may put a bottle of wine on the table. Legal issues The laws associated with Airbnb's activities vary from country to country and even in different cities. For example, landlords in the cities of Paris, San Francisco, and Portland have to pay tax when accommodating tourists. Under the Multiple Dwelling Law in New York, it is forbidden to rent premises for less than 30 days without the approval of the owner. The landlord must be aware of the rental laws in the city, in order to avoid issues with the authorities afterward.

Timely responses

Tourists are very scrupulous. They highly appreciate hosts' attention to them. The success of the case depends on how quickly you respond to the messages of potential guests. This will reduce the possibility of moving the client from you to another rental owner. Prepare approximate answers to predictable questions of potential guests. This will save you a lot of time.

Cleaning the premises

Instead of hiring cleaning services, cleaning can be done by the owner. This method of saving money is preferable for long-term rentals. Some landlords of vacation rentals believe that for short-term rent it is better to attract a service for cleaning rooms, and the fee for this work to include in the client's account. The quality of cleaning rooms is of great importance. It’s better to have a constant cleaning service company.

First impressions

Everybody wants to be treated kindly. Your potential tenants are no exception. The first impressions of your communication will largely depend on the success of your business. Learn the hospitality and politeness in communicating with your interlocutors if you want them to choose you. You don't have to pretend. You need to learn good relations with everyone around you, and this will give you tangible advantages in business. Perhaps the first pleasant impression will lead you to a regular customer. His recommendations can expand the circle of your guests. Don't be ashamed to be kind, be sincere!

Installing a lock

Going to their destination, the travelers can’t predict what awaits them ahead. Circumstances may result in them being late. In such cases, the owners of the lease have to wait for hours for the client to hand them the keys and familiarize with the room where they will stay in the coming days. To avoid undesirable expectations, it is advisable to install a smart lock or a lockbox. In this case, the guest can register for the place of future residence, and the owner will not have to wait for him during indefinite time.


Airbnb has made significant changes to the short-term rental market. It gave an opportunity to earn extra money for ordinary homeowners. Over time, the opportunities of tenants have expanded. The owners of numerous listings significantly increased the average annual income. Airbnb continues its policy of providing new ways to increase rental income.

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