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Seven Louisiana Community and Technical Colleges Launch a Gateway for Employers to Post Jobs for Their Students and Alumni, for FREE

NEW YORK, NY (February 10, 2020) – Louisiana employers seeking entry-level talent now have an expanded and FREE resource to post jobs: the Louisiana Community & Technical Colleges Jobs Consortium website, powered by College Central Network, Inc. (CCN).


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The website makes it both FREE and easy for all employers – large and small, public and private – to register just once and then post an unlimited number of jobs to Louisiana’s community and technical college students and alumni!


Employers posting jobs today can simultaneously reach tens of thousands of job seekers from seven community and technical colleges, including Baton Rouge Community College, Bossier Parish Community College, Delgado Community College, Fletcher Technical Community College, Louisiana Delta Community College, South Louisiana Community College, and Sowela Technical Community College.


“Louisiana Community & Technical Colleges Jobs Consortium provides employers with direct access to job-ready talent at some of the fastest growing community colleges in the U.S. More than half of our Consortium’s colleges rank in the ‘Top 100’ fastest growing colleges in the country (1). Employers can now easily access our growing talent pool for free, via our Consortium, to fill their hiring needs!” stated Precious Aldridge, Assistant Director, Center for New Student Engagement, at Delgado Community College, the largest of Louisiana’s community colleges.


According to Lisa Hibner, Director of Baton Rouge Community College Career Center, “One of the challenges facing our state’s employers is connecting with and recruiting students. The Consortium makes it simple for employers to post jobs for free and, with a single post, reach all seven colleges’ students at once!”


“Roughly one in nine Louisiana citizens 18 and older is enrolled in one of our state’s community colleges,” said Julie Salter, Career and Job Development Specialist, Louisiana Delta Community College. “The Consortium is exactly what we’ve been wanting for years, and now we have it. It’s an incredible feature and opportunity for skilled students and hiring employers alike.”


Kathy Busch, Manager, Career Services, Bossier Parish Community College said, “Jobs and internships posted via the Consortium flow effortlessly through CCN’s Career Services Central® career office management platform, and they are available to registered students and alumni at all seven community and technical colleges. After registering at, job seekers can use the College Central app immediately to search and apply to all jobs with their smartphones, tablets, or computers. It’s a phenomenal resource!”


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CCN’s Career Services Central® is the exclusive online career office management platform for career centers at all schools participating in the Consortium. Joy Miller, CSC’s National Sales Manager, sums it up, “Community colleges can have a greater impact on the state’s economy by removing as many barriers as possible, simplifying the process, and allowing employers to easily recruit the state’s home-grown entry-level talent. The Louisiana Community & Technical Colleges Jobs Consortium website does exactly that.


“CCN makes job posting free for all employers. It centralizes the task, so recruiters post just once to reach all of Louisiana’s community college talent. These graduates have the skills. They are ready to move directly into the local workforce. And they are who today’s employers are looking for.”


“Louisiana community colleges among top 100 ‘fastest-growing’ in the country,” Lafayette Daily Advertiser, September 2, 2019,


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