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Rythmia Luxury Resort and Wellness Center Is Offering Onsite Pandemic Solution

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 1, 2021  11:00 AM ET

GUANACASTE, Costa Rica— Rythmia Life Advancement Center, the pioneering all-inclusive, luxury resort and wellness retreat specializing in plant medicine and metaphysical teachings, will now offer onsite COVID-19 virus testing. As a medically licensed facility, Rythmia is able to offer its medically licensed laboratory to guests as an official testing center for COVID-19 in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the new swab test being rolled out in the coming weeks. This new test will qualify travelers for re-entry into their home destination country, including the United States of America.

Every week, travelers come to Rythmia from all over the world to seek personal growth and spiritual connection, and now they will be able do so with even more peace of mind. Currently, all guests at Rythmia are tested upon arrival to the hotel which allows for a sense of security unmatched anywhere else. Moving forward, all guests will also receive their required COVID-19 exit test without having to leave the resort grounds.


Founded in 2015 by Gerard Powell, the Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica is the largest all-inclusive, medically licensed luxury resort and wellness retreat in the world offering plant medicine and metaphysical teachings. Rythmia is TripAdvisor’s highest customer-rated resort of any type. Upon departure from the resort, 95.86% of guests report receiving a life-changing miracle during their stay and 6 months later, 97.55% of those guests state that their week at Rythmia changed their lives.

To learn more about Rythmia Life Advancement Center, please visit www.rythmia.com

Contact Information:

John Jacob Mubarak
Director of New Business Development
Rythmia Life Advancement Center
[email protected]

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