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Rusty Tweed Discusses the Harms of Mold And the Best Ways to Get Rid of Mold Smell

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 1, 2021  12:10 PM ET

Mold expert Robert Tweed, also known as Rusty Tweed, San Marino, CA discusses the harms of mold and the best ways to get rid of the mold smell.

You probably know that mold is not something you want in your home. However, there are various types of mold, which can be varying levels of health hazards. One thing is for certain, you want to get rid of the mold in your home and the musty smell too. Rusty Tweed is the owner of a mold remediator company, and he recently discussed the harms of mold and how to remove it from your home.

“Mold can grow on just about anything, from your childrens’ toys to your clothing in the closet and your ceiling,” Rusty Tweed said. “It’s unattractive to look at, but it can also become a major health hazard.”

Rusty Tweed explained that there are various types of mold, and they are all forms of fungus. Mold spores thrive in areas that are warm and moist, so when they find a damp space, they tend to grow. There are more than 300,000 types of mold, but common ones in the home include penicillium, cladosporium, aspergillus, and alternaria.

“Mold can cause breathing problems, allergic reactions, and even serious health problems like aspergillosis,” Rusty Tweed said. “Mold triggers inflammatory responses in some people, which can lead to bronchitis, lower respiratory tract problems, nausea, and more.”

Rusty Tweed explained that controlling mold and the health problems associated with it comes down to protection and prevention. Preventing mold means reducing the moisture that is allowing mold to grow. He stated that homeowners should aim for humidity levels in the home lower than 60 percent.

“Removing the musty mold smell in your home comes down to removing the mold,” Rusty Tweed said. “You can use a dehumidifier to reduce indoor moisture before cleaning affected areas with a vinegar-based solution.”

Rusty Tweed added that simple steps, like cleaning leaks and spills quickly, regularly cleaning all areas of the home, and using mold-killing products in the bathroom can help combat mold odors. Rusty Tweed suggested avoiding activities that produce moisture in the home, such as drying clothing indoors or using kerosene space heaters.

Rusty Tweed finished by stating that one of the best ways to remove mold odors and ensure your family is safe from the harms of mold is to enlist the help of professionals. A mold removal specialist can determine where mold is present, treat it efficiently, and remove all odors.

“Mold experts know exactly what it takes to remove mold from your home, so you can live free of the harms and odors,” Rusty Tweed explained. “Many times this is the easiest, most effective, and most affordable form of mold removal.”


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