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Robert Shumake Helps Those Struggling In Kenya By Drilling a New Water Well

Robert Shumake has a unique and almost spiritual connection with Kenya. He has taken many steps to help this country become more independent by providing access to many vital utilities. For instance, he recently drilled a well in rural Kenya and plans on drilling more soon.

Why Robert Shumake Took This Extraordinary Step

Over the years, successful businessman and author Robert Shumake has developed a well-earned reputation as a humanitarian and philanthropist. He has done much for his native Detroit and has traveled to Africa to provide services to struggling areas. Robert Shumake has brought books to schools and strives to get Africa on its feet and independent as soon as possible.

This philanthropy has shown up in a few places, like the Robert Shumake Scholar Relays that provide money to African-American students in historically black colleges. And his recent trip to Kenya was filled with a lot of love and compassion. Over the years, Robert Shumake has visited this country many times and has come to know many of its residents as close as family or friends.

Unfortunately, Robert Shumake discovered that many areas in this country do not have safe or clean water. The drinking water in many cities has been polluted for years. And with local and national governments struggling to make ends meet (despite an increasing tourism trade), these problems haven’t been fixed, leading to residents walking many miles to get clean water.

When discovering this fact, Robert Shumake diverted some funds from his “Shumake Family and Friends Foundation” to pay for drilling a new well in a rural Kenyan community. This new well was carefully scouted and properly drilled using the best equipment. When finished, Robert Shumake saw many residents celebrating and drawing clean water near their homes for the first time in years.

The Well Itself Was a Major Undertaking for Robert Shumake

The plans for this well were extensive due to its vast size and depth. The idea by Robert Shumake and others was to create a 10,000-liter water well that would serve at least 1,000 rural residents, which included 300 schoolchildren and animals. Robert Shumake hired a team to regularly test the water to ensure that it is safe for cleaning, cooking, eating, drinking, and bathing.

Amazingly, the project took only about a week to finish with a dozen laborers and volunteers. Robert Shumake himself pitched in whenever possible and did a lot of hard work along the way. When it was over, the residents in the area profusely thanked Robert Shumake and his team, particularly the local volunteers who had pitched in with no thought of gain besides helping their loved ones. The success of this drilling project will lead to even more wells throughout Kenya.