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PROMPERÚ: Export Route promotes international competitiveness of more than 4000 companies

PROMPERÚ: Export Ro iCrowdNewswire   Dec 17, 2020  9:00 AM ET
  • Served 4,620 exporters and achieved shipments for more than $ 4,942 million to 152 markets
  • At present, around 2340 products are promoted abroad.
Thursday, December 17, 2020. This year, the Ruta Exportadora business assistance program served 4,620 companies and achieved exports for more than $ 4,942 million to 152 markets, reported the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (PROMPERÚ). The Peruvian products promoted abroad were 2340, with an increase of 11% compared to 2019. Among the main ones are blueberries, avocados, grapes, special coffee, mango, organic quinoa, organic ginger, organic banana and cotton garments, which they went mainly to the United States, China, Holland, Spain, Germany and England.
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Likewise, of the total of participating companies, 75% of the shipments made were generated by companies from the interior of the country, and 47% of these are led by women. PROJECTIONS TO THE BICENTENNIAL By 2021, it is expected to exceed 1,500 companies in the Export Route Program and to promote specialized market routes, electronic commerce and digital transformation. In addition, the Mipymes al Mundo Digital program will be strengthened, where more than 800 exporting companies will be inserted and with export potential at the national level. In addition, the creation of 8 export consortia is planned, representing more than 70 companies. Finally, more than 15 virtual business rounds will be held with the participation of around 470 exporting companies and 580 international buyers, generating approximately 2000 business appointments. RECOGNITION MINCETUR (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism) and PROMPERÚ recognized the companies of the Export Route that during 2020 had an outstanding performance in foreign trade with the following awards:
  1. New Exporter: Silvia Fashion International SAC
For having made your first shipment of products and/or services to the international market during your participation in the Export Route.
  1. Cross-Border Electronic Commerce: Industrias Alimenticias Cusco SA
For having participated in the cross-border e-commerce projects developed by the Exporting Route, with which it made sales to the US, China and Taiwan, through the Amazon, eBay, Tmall, Jd.com, Europe Life platforms, among others.
  1. Quality Improvement: Fina Alpaca SRL
For having implemented the regulatory requirements for access to the international market, after taking technical assistance in product improvement and labeling on the Export Route.
  1. Exports Courier: Artesanías Inka Maki A.C.
It highlighted for having taken advantage of the benefits of the inter-institutional agreement that PROMPERÚ has with DHL Express, with which it made exports in a sustained manner.
  1. Exporter Woman: Shanantina SAC
It excelled in the Ella Exporta 2020 program of PROMPERÚ and for exporting in 2020
  1. Eco-efficient Company: PSW SA
It distinguished itself in the implementation of eco-efficiency within its business management and for having made exports in 2020.
  1. Digital transformation: Ottaner SAC Corporation
It stood out in the development of digital mindset and commercial impact of the digital innovation project developed during the program.
  1. Exporting Company of the North Macro Region: Dexim SRL
For constantly participating in PROMPERÚ’s services and enhancing its export capabilities. It maintained it’s shipments throughout the year.
  1. Exporting Company of the Northwest Macro Region: Agrícola Bgs SAC
It increased its exports sustainably and actively participated in PROMPERÚ’s activities.
  1. Exporting Company of the Central Macro Region: Elisur Organic SAC
It implemented sanitary protocols to continue exporting and participated in Fruit Logistic 2020.
  1. Exporting Company of the South West Macro Region: Especiera Taca EIRL
It exported for the first time with the advice and assistance of PROMPERÚ. It shipped dried oregano and crushed paprika to Brazil.
  1. Exporting Company of the South East Macro Region: CAC San Fernando
It obtained second place in the IV s of Café SPP, during it’s participation in the Special Coffee Export Route.
  1. Exporting Company of the Eastern Macro Region: Valley Coffee Trading SAC
It participated in the basic coffee cupping course on the Exporting Route and exported in 2020.
  1. Exporting Company of the Lima Macro Region: Ethnic Fashion EIRL
It participated in the programs of the Export Route and promoted it’s company for export. Makes shipments of alpaca sweaters and cotton clothing for babies and children.
  1. Market Diversification: Silkeborg Peru SAC
The Company exported alpaca accessories to four destinations: Lithuania, the USA, Canada and Chile.
  1. Business Internationalization: Inversiones Industriales Paracas SAC
The Company exported cotton baby garments to more than one market in 2020 and had different points of sale with more than 300 products in it’s offer.
  1. New Market: Refrigerados Fisholg & Hijos S.A.C.
This Company specialized in the commercialization of mahi-mahi. Exported to a new market (Guadeloupe) in times of pandemic.
  1. Innovative Exporter: 4Helix Labs SAC
In the year, StartUp Perú 7ma Generación won and other innovation events.
  1. Exporter Consortium: Consorcio Pisco Premium
It stood out for positioning Pisco and its derivatives in international markets. THE DATA The Export Route is a management system that offers business services aimed at improving the competitiveness of macro, micro and medium-sized companies seeking internationalization.
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