Programs of Holistic & Medical Detox

Detox whether it be medical or holistic is often the first tangible step in the recovery process. As you look through different detox programs though, you may run into different options on how to do it. The two main ones are holistic detox and medical detox. Let’s look at these options and compare them to help you make the right choice. Holistic Detox Programs Holistic detox programs focus on fixing the «whole person». Unlike medical detox, which focuses on the substance being abused, this approach looks at how everything is connected and uses that to boost recovery chances. Medical detox is about abstaining from drugs and replacing them with other medications to flush them from your system. They eliminate any substances from within your body. Holistic detox takes in everything as a whole to heal you body and soul. This kind of detox program involves physical therapies that medical detox programs would likely never consider using. While they do use some of the same therapies such as group therapy discussions they also use alternative treatments like yoga and art therapy. Your average holistic detox program includes all manner of treatments. No two programs are exactly the same. Some people may respond better to acupuncture while others respond better to art therapy. Holistic treatments treat not just the body but also the mind and soul. Medical Detox As the name suggests, medical detox takes place in a medical setting, such as a clinic. It also often involves the use of medical intervention. They will still take place in the same medical setting though. Patients have access to medical professionals and doctors who can intervene and help whenever necessary. It can be performed in an inpatient or outpatient setting and is considered to be safer and more effective than holistic treatments. The key difference between the two options is that medical detox involves the use of other medications to help addicts deal with their withdrawal symptoms. This is also the main reason that people choose to eschew medical detox. Medical detox is a good choice for those dealing with dangerous substances that cause more intense withdrawal symptoms. That said, medical detox isn’t right for everyone. The medications used as part of medical detox can become habit forming if abused. Medical detox is ideal for someone who is addicted to substances that have dangerous withdrawal symptoms and are motivated to undergo treatment and recover from their addictions. Rapid Detox Rapid detox is available for a select number of patients. It essentially allows a patient to sleep off the harmful effects of withdrawal. This is something that should only be used if one fails to succeed with holistic or medical detox. It can help, but it shouldn’t be a first choice. Which Approach is the Right One? When choosing between traditional medical rehab or natural detox rehab, you should keep in mind what your addiction is, how long you’ve been addicted, your ability to pay for rehab, and how dedicated and motivated towards recovery you are.

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