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Prisma Analytics and Decisive Group of Dubai Join in a Disruptive 14 Million Dollar Project, Building the First Big-Data AI Situation Room, Aimed at Commercial and Public Time-Share Use

Prisma Analytics GmbH and Decisive Group agree to implement Prisma’s C+8 AI based Big-Data high-end analytics tools in a fully functional Strategic Research Center, Situation Room and Media Briefing Center, aimed for client use of real-time Big Data research together with bespoke AI information analysis programs and most disruptive analytics visualizations technologies.

MUNICH , Feb. 17, 2020 /CNW/ — Prisma Analytics and Decisive Group have entered into a long-term strategic partnership to build UAE’s first Strategic Research Center and Situation Room, including a Media Briefing Center for next-generation AI-based Big Data research. Acquiring the UAE-exclusive license for Prisma’s state of the art C+8 AI environment, Decisive Group will not only boost its own capabilities, but will also be able to provide significant value for its clients, via timeshare agreements for qualified Big Data analytics customers, being able to utilize the entire facility. Decisive will also act as agent for Prisma Analytics GmbH, to promote additional C+8 AI-based Big-Data analytics facilities throughout the GCC countries for use in all areas of commerce, the public sector and education institutes.

The Facility will be operational 24/7/365 by late summer 2020, providing over 120 m2 of latest technology high-resolution data monitor walls, full Prisma C+8 big-data tool access, fully trained staff to assist customers with effective analysis in real-time research, and provide analyst workspaces for up to 20 internal and up to 100 external information support analysts. Facility Customers will be able to analyze side-by-side, in a high-security environment, 100s of Petabytes of pre-analyzed open-source data, provided by Prisma Analytics, together with secure proprietary data, owned by analyzing clients.

The facility is aimed at instant knowledge generation to save clients millions, and in some cases billions of dollars in data research, by simply renting for only a few days the Prisma built Decisive Strategic Research Center and Situation Room to do the work, that otherwise would take many months or years to accomplish similar results, or worse, come up empty-handed.

Clients will also be able to use the media briefing facility to announce research findings and to arrange press conferences.

Decisive Group

Decisive Group is a multi-venture business facilitation company, established in London and Dubai to find the best solutions for the realization of new and progressive businesses. The company offers a broad range of business consulting services, beside global ventures in Real Estate, Company Incubation services, disruptive medical applications, and global trade in new and innovative C2M platform solutions.

Decisive is an innovator in its own right, and when asked about the Decision Room project, Mr. Charlie Patel , founder and CEO of Decisive Group said “We live in a time, where the right knowledge, the right information, the right context is everything to sustain business ventures successfully. Today, it’s not so simple anymore! You need to know more! Not just a number, or a fact. You need to know full context, relevant trends, big and small, parallel dynamics, and disruptive counter trends! In short, you need a deep analytical understanding of your venture or project. With its C+8 AI environment, Prisma has developed a very powerful strategy, which decisively closes the gap to ‘need to know – just in time’ knowledge, to give clients very powerful advantages in understanding the dynamics of our world around us.”

Hardy F. Schloer , Founder and CTO of Prisma Analytics GmbH in Germany added: “The time share aspect, which Decisive brings to the table is an ingenious idea. Most companies and institutions can’t rationalize a 14-million-Euro budget to do much-needed business intelligence and high-end data research. However, they can now close the gap to big data analytics operators in the commercial world, and indeed get much more analysis done for much less cost. This will greatly improve the bottom line of all users of the Decisive Center in Dubai . It also gives Prisma a great forum to demonstrate the power of its C+8 AI, researching anything from social trends and geopolitics to risk identification, security threats, predictive modeling and finding the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’ in any application.”

Both Patel and Schloer joined to offer the position of Chairman of the Board to His Excellency Khalid Seddiq Mohamed Samena of Abu Dhabi , who has tirelessly worked for years, for a major AI and Big Data knowledge center to be installed in the UAE. His Excellency has happily accepted this position and shall bring major support and awareness to this landmark project.

His Excellency Khalid Seddiq Mohamed Samena said: “I feel most strongly about the success of this new information analysis facility in the UAE. We need this type of technology everywhere to support vital decisions which are being made every day. We must think big, respond to our opportunities big, and position ourselves big in our strategies and business ventures. The needed fuel for this is real-time analyzed high-quality knowledge. This project will bring about the kind of agile and disruptive knowledge we must seek and use on a day to day basis.”

The Situation Room and Media Center by Prisma Analytics

With its Situation Room and Media Center, Prisma Analytics GmbH offers a fully secure C+8 operating environment for the processing of big data with high-end AI tools made bespoke for each client and application. Within this structure, the Situation Room also offers a massive open-source database of knowledge.

C+8’s data analytics utilize the combination of Prisma’s immense pipe of open-source data and customer’s own proprietary data within the customer’s IT environment, allowing the full advantage of C+8 capabilities across all data and information sources.

About Prisma Analytics

Prisma Analytics GmbH combines big data analysis and artificial intelligence to create products that are tailored to closely fit the growing demands of high-level decision-makers.

Prisma Analytics has developed the C+8 data model, which continually processes Big Data of all types, and from any source, into a fully generalized, unsupervised self-organizing data model, which maps a dynamic copy of the real world and its history into a multi-dimensional and causality-based knowledge network.

From a business model perspective, the technology acts as a platform that allows to derive a variety of applications upon it. The first application launched by Prisma Analytics is Decision Point, a unique predictive analytics solution that uses the C+8 data model’s native forecasting capabilities (machine-generated intuition) for the analysis of stock price movements. The Decision Point application is available on Refinitiv’s (formerly Thomson Reuters) EIKON platform.

For more information:

Prisma Analytics GmbH
Tal 34, 80331 Munich
Phone : +49 89 22802988

Hardy F. Schloer CTO
Phone: +40 730 775 007

Decisive Group
Charlie Patel  CEO
Phone: +971 58 294 4445

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