Presidential race & Joe Biden

while his main challenger former vice president Joe Biden is tipped at +125. By March 20th Biden overtook Trump in political betting markets as the top bet to win the presidency. Biden moved ahead of the incumbent president ever so slightly though. Then Biden was tipped at -105 while Trump slipped to even odds . A total of 1,991 delegates are needed in order to clinch the Democratic party’s nomination and with more than a 300 delegate lead over Sanders, Biden emerged as the prohibitive frontrunner to clinch the nomination. As the odds stack up against Sanders, the senator remains valiantly in the fight, stoically refusing to give in and concede defeat. Even with the coronavirus outbreak that is now ramping up in earnest across the United States, Sanders is campaigning on. Where Biden has retreated into the background and out of the national conversation, appearing just sporadically in remote TV interviews here and there, Sanders is ‘virtually’ active. From the comfort of his home in Vermont, Sanders has been holding various fundraisers and rallies along with fireside chats, proving his adaptability to a campaign trail that has been derailed by an unprecedented global pandemic and thrust online. Inasmuch as Sanders may be gaining ground over Biden on the virtual battlefield, tapping into a captive audience that is self-isolating, social distancing and avoiding mass gatherings in accordance to coronavirus-mandated edits, it’s not certain yet if he will gain ground where it counts most, winning delegates. Obviously, President Donald Trump, by virtue of his position as the elected leader, is duty-bound to step up and steer the national response to the outbreak of the coronavirus across the United States. Cuomo has made it known that running for president in this election is NOT a goal of his but that hasn’t discouraged speculation over his rising stock value. In anticipation of such a possibility, sportsbooks have rolled out odds for the New York governor’s hypothetical candidacy. The most telling bit, Cuomo is sandwiched between Biden and Sanders as the second-best bet for the Democratic nomination, with odds that seem to be shortening daily. Whether Cuomo inveigles himself into the race somehow at this late stage remains to be seen, but for now, his «leadership» over the coronavirus in New York that is running in tandem with Donald Trump’s leadership over the coronavirus at the national level has attention firmly trained on the pair, pushing both Biden and Sanders to the sidelines.

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