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Peter Zieve CEO ElectroImpact Examines the Importance of Testing New Products/Ideas Before Making them Mainstream/Offering to Customers.

Peter Zieve says testing the market is an essential part of creating and launching a new product. The data collected through product testing helps pinpoint various tweaks to make to the product to maximize potential profits. Peter Zieve is a strong advocate for product testing and credits much of his success to it. 

Product testing allows brands to test assumptions and evaluate where, if any, product changes need to take place. Surveys and focus groups are crucial to product testing and are goldmines for generating new product ideas. Pre-launch surveys can help with packaging and pricing issues and help identify which product features to highlight in marketing efforts. 

Product testing that brands themselves can determine which emotions and feelings are invoked when they purchase the product. This can assist in identifying which market tactics to focus on. If a product’s audience is driven by an upscale lifestyle, this is a crucial indicator of celebrity endorsements for marketing purposes. 

Product testing is also crucial for spotting defects. Many brands have found out the hard way that product defects can ruin a product in its entirety. And much of the time, these brands could have avoided the product fail had they first used product testing to see if any defects were present and whether they could be fixed.

Peter Zieve also says that probably the most powerful benefit of product testing derives from its ability to showcase its unique selling point. It allows developers to see the exact need the product meets for a customer and how it meets that need. This information can be used in marketing materials to grasp an audience’s attention by letting them know that the product is, in fact, worth purchasing because it meets a specific need. Often through product testing, developers can determine whether product features should be removed to make the manufacturing process less expensive while still meeting the needs and preferences of customers; this is a significant benefit not only for the brand of the product but also for the customers.

Zieve says product testing is essential because “When you’re just getting started in the industry, it can be tough to stand up to a giant like Boeing,” and he’s exactly right. But with different methods like product testing, it becomes possible to establish a competitive advantage by tapping into consumers’ minds.

In Addition, Peter Zieve Highlights one of his management slogans, “that which is not tested does not work”

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