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Pet Apparel Tips: Dressing your pet up is fun…but requires thought

According to the latest National Pet Owners Survey, conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 90.5 million homes – that’s almost 70% of households – own a pet. Households host a variety of pets, from birds and reptiles, to freshwater fish and horses. However, an overwhelming number of homes – 69-million – own dogs, with 45.3-million homes identifying themselves as cat-people. With so many perts out there, pet apparel is likely top-of-the-mind when visiting your nearest wholesale pet supplies outlet, or browsing their website online. However, stop for a bit and read on…before buying that warm pullover for your favorite pet family member. 

Individuals and Personalities

Dogs and Cats are remarkably like us humans. They possess individual personalities and character traits – just like us. As a pet owner, it’s your job#1 to understand those individual “quirks” when you go apparel shopping for your pet. For instance, if your dog or cat is of a particularly hairy breed, don’t cocoon them in thick winter clothing – their natural fur coats will make that extra-thick layer uncomfortable.

I know…it’s often tempting, when you’re browsing through the website of your go-to wholesale pet store, to buy something special for your furry companion. It’s fun to see them all decked-up in shiny new clothes. Perhaps something in leather, plastic, or even polyester? These are excellent choices, depending on the design of the garment. But will it be a great fit for your pet?

Heavy materials might be an ideal choice for docile pets. But, if your pet has an especially bubbly and outgoing character, he/she will likely enjoy running, jumping, and leaping over obstacles. Sure, that leather jacket might look cool on them, but it might also overly restrict their movement. Perhaps something made of a softer material might be a better choice. 

Don’t Rush Things

Once your wholesale pet supplies order arrives, don’t rush in to break it open and try it on your pet. Take your time and, more importantly, let your pet take their time familiarizing themselves with their new outfits:

– Lay the garments out where your pet can see it, so they don’t feel as though you’re slipping them into something strange and unfamiliar

– Some pets may not like the scent of new clothing – so let it air out a while, and allow them to sniff it

– Lay the coat, jacket, or cape on their backs – or let them rub themselves or roll over it. This is a great way to get them used to the “feel and touch” of their new clothes 

Before sustained use, it’s always a good idea to have them wear the new clothes for short periods. And check with your wholesale pet store about their return policy. Most manufacturers won’t accept returns, unless its for a manufacturing defect. 

You may also find it fun – and therapeutic! – to customize your accessories. For example, a reputed wholesaler typically accepts orders for collars with different colors of stones or widgets than what is posted online. This not only enables you to put together matching and color-combined outfits; but it also allows you to accessorize your pets wardrobe based on their unique personalities. 


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