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Patented Li-Hydrogen and Li-Water Battery Technology Disrupts Battery Industry for Commercial and Consumer Applications

The patented Li-Hydrogen and Li-Water battery technologies provide increased efficiency, greater energy storage, reduce risk of short-circuiting, environmentally friendlier than today’s lithium-ion batteries, and a cheaper source of renewable energy

ATLANTA, GA (August 2, 2022) — Award-winning scientist and author Dr. Boris Tsenter is one of the world’s leading minds when it comes to battery and energy conversion technology. For the past thirty years, Dr. Tsenter has worked with Boeing, Global Technology Systems, the United States Navy, ACME Technology and other entities, developing groundbreaking battery technology for space satellites and other commercial applications.

Dr. Tsenter, an American citizen and resident of Atlanta, Georgia is the holder of more than 100 US and international patents. Two of the patents, which were patented in 2019, have the potential to revolutionize battery efficiency, safety, and longevity for significantly less money.

The two patents are Li-hydrogen secondary electrochemical cell (US patent 10,211,494) and Li-water secondary electrochemical battery (US patent 10,511,051). Both batteries are highly efficient, and provide specific energy of 700 – 800 wh/kg, and an estimated energy density of 1200wh/l.

“Today’s rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries have high energy density and specific energy which make them more efficient for commercial applications,” said Dr. Tsenter. “Unfortunately, they are volatile, highly unpredictable with a greater chance of short-circuiting, and require the mining of metals including cobalt, manganese cupped and nickel, which threatens our environment.”

This patented technology is applicable in multiple industries including electrical transportation such as electric vehicles (EV), trains and buses. It is also applicable for use in gadgets and military applications such as drones.

According to Dr. Tsenter, “The international science community has been longing for a highly efficient and safe way to utilize hydrogen for renewable energy storage and this patented battery technology achieves just that.”

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