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Parken App releases first annual survey of Parking in Brooklyn, NY for Apple App Owners – Over 60% of App Owners were interested in using a mobile application that helps them find parking – 38% of App owners have a parking space that they are able to rent

BROOKLYN, NY – Today, Parken is pleased to announce the results of its’ first annual survey of parking in Brooklyn, NY.  An online survey of Apple App owners was conducted between the weeks of Oct 25 to Nov 1, 2019. Over 100 individuals responded. Highlights of the survey include; 38% of Apple App owners in Brooklyn have a parking space that they are able and willing to rent out, of which 35% have a driveway. Over 60% of Apple Owners were interested in using a mobile application that helps them find parking in Brooklyn.

The Parken App connects motorists searching for parking with hosts with available spaces, promises to eliminate the headache of searching for a spot while providing those with unused spaces the opportunity to make a little extra cash. For many commuters, the hassle of finding parking in a large congested city is both frustrating and time-consuming, leaving motorists miserable and in many cases, late. The Parken app aims to make the reality of parking in Brooklyn a little less bleak. ?

“I developed Parken because everyone has a parking nightmare story, and after going through several of my own, I decided that there must be a better way,” said Benjamin Edwards, Founder of Parken. “Inspired by the functionality of other rental apps, it became obvious that there must be some unused spaces out there for people to tap into, and Parken was created to identify those spaces and put a stop to motorists driving around endlessly searching for a spot.”?
For hosts, Parken offers an easy way to make some extra cash with little to no effort and is completely manageable from their iOS devices. Hosts could include individual property owners, businesses, or religious organizations with available spaces that clear out after their regular operating hours. They have the ability to set their own parking rate, approve or disapprove bookings and receive an alert when their guest is near. Plus, Hosts are eligible for bonuses for multiple bookings, giving those empty spaces the potential to become enough of an added income to cover annual car maintenance or that daily coffee habit. ??

Drivers can book parking in advance, check out what the space is like, search by location, size to fit their car, then book it and pay when they check in. There is even an option to extend their stay if they need more time. Drivers get a 50% discount off their first booking over $10!?

The Parken app is free and available to download now in the Apple App Store in English and Spanish.??
For more information, visit or contact Gary Yentin, App Promo at [email protected]

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