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Pack More in Your Day – Prod Yourself to Productivity

We’re all so busy these days, mainly because technology shortens the time for everything that we do. As a result, we have spare cycles in our day, into which we pack more things to do. At some point, we’re overwhelmed, and the more “stuff” we pile on into our lists, the less productive we get. And that’s where enlisting the aid of productivity apps can help.

Understand Your Limitations

Being productive during your day, however long that day might be – for some folks it’s 5-hours, for others it’s 15-hour days! – is all about understanding your limitations. Most people aren’t unproductive because they don’t know what to do. The challenge is to understand how much you can do in a day! Once you’ve mastered the art of taking on as much as you can deliver, you’re halfway to the productivity finish line.

So, where do some of the best productivity apps fit in? Well, apps, such as the Aspire Productivity App, help you through to the next part of the productivity finish line. Adding as much as you can deliver in a day, on your To Do, list is great. But what about prioritizing and executing those tasks? You’ll need some support there:

– You just got a new task – add it to your To Do list

– Someone gave you some information about a prior task – jot it down into a Note for future retrieval

– You’ve scheduled a meeting to discuss a project on your To Do list – productivity apps have calendars to add such milestones so you won’t forget

– You’ll need to decide how to fund one of your tasks – Start a Budget and track all your inflows and expenses so you’ll never mismanage your finances

– Want a quick update from someone? Text or Email them from your app 

The more organized you become, the better your productivity meter rises. It’s really that simple. Productivity tools, such as apps and software, don’t do the work for you. But they help guide you through a path, with reminders, quick searches, rapid communication (texting, email), and organization, to finishing tasks on time and with little stress.

More Than Just Work-support

While your apps can – and do!- make you look like a high-performing star in your work life, their influence isn’t meant to be restricted there. Just as we have “To-Dos” for work, we also have them in our after-work lives. And how we deal with those tasks can have a bearing on our work too. The best productivity apps offer Meal Planners, Exercise and Fitness Logs, Grocery Shopping Lists, Family Activity Calendars, Personal Budgeting support…and much more.

Having a productive day is a balancing act between work and personal life. Cram too much into one part of your day, and you’ll lose out on the other – and vice versa. Unfortunately, as humans, our minds can only remember and keep track of so much…after which it becomes unresponsive. With productivity apps loaded on your iPhone, Mac or desktop computer, you’ll be able to master the art of balancing every aspect of your life and, as the apps prod you through the day, you’ll get productive at every goal you set for yourself, your family and your team.  


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