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OWO on the status of cannabis after two years of legalization

OWO on the status of

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 7, 2020  10:45 AM ET

Cannabis became legal in Canada under the Cannabis Act on October 17th, 2018, more than two years ago already. Withing the legal parameter of the law, you can now order weed online and get it delivered directly to your doorstep. You might be asking yourself what has changed since the last two years? Here is a portrait of the situation:

  • Marijuana is now a big profit sector for tax revenue for the federal government instead of being a prolific black market sector.
  • Higher quality of products and safer products are provided nation-wide.
  • We have more control over the distribution, making sure only adults have access to these products.

If you are a marijuana consumer, you have to know your rights and their limits under the Cannabis Act. Here are some facts you should know about:

Two years ago, before the Cannabis Act, you were allowed to smoke medicinal marijuana with authorization from your doctor and from the Government of Canada. For those who needed medicinal marijuana, the legalization did not change much, except maybe making it easier for them to order and buy marijuana.

Can you buy marijuana online?

It all depends where you live, to buy weed online each province has its own rules now concerning marijuana. For example, in Quebec, you have to be 21 years old to buy weed and in British Columbia, it’s 19 years old. There are also some specific rules for the marketing of marijuana in Canada, here are some example of these rules:

  • You’re not allowed to carry more than 30g of marijuana products in any public space.
  • You can buy cannabis in an online dispensary or in a governmentally approved physical dispensary (depending on which province you live in)
  • You can grow up to 4 marijuana plants if you buy the seeds in a licensed establishment. These plants are for personal consumption only.
  • You are allowed to create your own marijuana products (Food and beverages for example) in your own home. You are not allowed to use other products to create a concentrated final product.

There are other rules and you should always be aware of your rights when it comes to cannabis in Canada. Visit the Government of Canada website for more information.

Prevent Underage Sales

A lot of measures have been created and updated by the federal government to ensure the safety of underage people online. It goes without saying that you need to be of age in your province to buy weed online with “Order Weed Online”. Here is an example of the different rules followed by “OWO” to make sure that no marijuana products end up in underage people hands:

  • They do not target youth in any advertisement, design or promotion
  • “OWO” does not have packaging that is targeting the underaged citizens
  • All promotion and marketing are made with one thing in mind, not reaching the youth. For example, their Facebook page is available only for citizens older than 21 years old.

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“Order Weed Online” Marijuana Dispensary

OWO” is one of many dispensaries online where you can buy cannabis products if you are of legal age. They offer wholesale customizable products with attention to high quality and low prices. They are new to the community and they are ready to impress cannabis consumers. If you are of age and you want to order marijuana products online, you should visit their website today!

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