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Orthopedic Planning Systems Market Projection By Technology, Top Key Players, Demand, Segment, Regional Analysis, Revenue Forecast Till – 2031

Orthopedic Planning Systems Market 2022

Orthopedic Planning Systems Market is expected to grow on a decent note, i.e. reach US$ 158.2 Mn at a CAGR of 7.9% between 2021-2031. VR-based healthcare solution providers are creating ripples and are expected to continue with the same even in the forecast period. The services include critical procedure simulations, medical training, stroke rehabilitation, non-motor and motor rehabilitation, pain relief, autism care, anxiety reduction, and even battling depression. This would be the case with the healthcare vertical shortly.

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Call for Timesaving with Precise Treatment to drive the Orthopedic Planning Systems Market

Orthopedic Planning Systems come across as software’s or digital systems helping the surgeons plan, view, and design patient-centric 3D orthopaedic models as well as final implants prior to operation.

The geriatric population prefers minimally invasive treatments. Orthopedic planning systems, with the help of eHealth Solutions and EHRs, help in precise management, as far as treatment is concerned. At the same time, the fact that orthopedicians are reluctant to make use of orthopaedic software owing to data security- and privacy-related decisions could act as a restraint to the orthopedic planning systems market.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation states that close to 54 Mn people aged 50 and above are witnessing the onslaught of osteoporosis. Ity has stated further that the number if bound to reach more than 60 Mn by the year 2030.

Orthopedic planning systems could also be operated through mobiles (mobile apps). The combined advantages include accessible interfaces, wireless access, storage capacity, and the most important one – mobility! As such, sharing of audio clips, videos, and images becomes tad simpler. Workflow efficiency could also be improved. The apps generally used by the orthopedic surgeons include BoneFeed, AO Surgery Reference, AAOS Code X-Lite, and AO Classification.

Cloud-based Orthopedic Software

Orthopedic surgeons are also finding cloud-based orthopaedic software endearing, as they can take care of real-time information-sharing and engage the IT staff to emphasize on more tedious tasks. However, consolidation of technologies may be a problem going forward with various healthcare set-ups merging.

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Ancillary Markets

Orthopedic planning systems also help in the growth of ancillary markets like orthopaedic surgical robots market, orthopaedic screw extraction system market, orthopaedic compression implant market, orthopaedic planning systems market, orthopaedic cement extraction systems market, orthopaedic veterinary implants market, orthopaedic implants market, veterinary orthopaedic implants market, and orthopaedic trauma devices market, as planning comes above all. Once the tone is set by orthopaedic planning systems, things are bound to take a positive course regarding the above-mentioned markets for sure.

Dispersion of Orthopedic Planning Systems Market

The global orthopaedic planning systems market, by solution, spans pre-surgical planning software (3D planning software and 2D planning software) and post-surgical planning software. BY application, it’s joint replacement (small bone replacement, shoulder replacement, knee replacement, and hip replacement) and orthopaedic oncology. BY deployment, it’s web-based software, cloud-based software, and on-premises. By end-user, it’s orthopaedic office-based clinics, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, and hospitals. Out of these, 3D planning software is bound to hold the largest market share.

What’s with the Regions?

North America holds more than 70% of the market share due to growing adoption of EHRs and the government being at the forefront with regards to healthcare reforms. Europe stands second on this count. However, the Asia-Pacific would be the region to watch out for. This could majorly be attributed to need for reducing the healthcare costs.

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What’s with the Key Participants in Orthopedic Planning Systems Market?

The key participants of orthopaedic planning systems market include Formus Labs Ltd., EOS Imaging, Brainlab AG, Sectra AB, Stryker, Medstrat, MediCAD Hectec GmbH, 3D Systems, Inc., PEEK Health S.A., Radlink, Inc., SurgiNovi, RSA Biomedical, HIPOP-PLAN, Zimmer Biomet, Optinav, Enhatch Inc., Numex GmbH, and Corin Group. These participants are also moving around with updations. For instance – Brainlab, in April 2020, did receive a CE Mark approval for next generation patient positioning and the monitoring system known as “ExacTrac Dynamic”. Zimmer Biomet, in December 2020, did acquire A&E Medical and its broad range of sternal closure devices portfolio inclusive of sternal sutures, cable systems, and likewise. EOS Imaging, in October 2020, did announce the very first EOSedge system installation in Australia at Macquarie University Hospital.

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