Nuance Communication has Been Accepted as Innovator by the 360 Quadrants in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Fintech

A computer system that has the ability to perform the tasks related to finance that requires human is known as Artificial Intelligence in Fintech or AI in Fintech. Such applications are used in the financial sector of the industries to detect different flaws in the system, creates chances of investment and analyze the market based on data. The AI in Fintech is divided into solution and software. AI in Fintech is used in different office related tasks and it can be either cloud-based or on-premises base system.

The service provider Nuance is identified as the innovator in the business of AI in Fintech by 360 Quadrants. The use of Nuance is far and wide in different office related tasks. The company’s portfolio, business strategy, and strong market presence make it as the innovator in the industry. It offers several useful solutions which are listed below.

The next generation of this system on the level three security functions with advanced neural network functions. The algorithm controlled by AI makes it a good system for detecting flaws and frauds during interactions. Nuance also uses bio-metric for authentication and the system for the ease of customers. Now Nuance has deployed voice authentication to make the system more secure. The use of such a system will help in the authentication of users during mobile banking.


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