Nostalgia Con’s ‘80s Pop Culture Convention is hosting world’s largest ‘80’s Cosplay ever on 28th and 29th September at Anaheim Convention Center.

80’s is considered one of the most revolutionary decades in the world when technology flourished and it’s also the decade when MTV was launched, it’s also the decade when Madonna, Michael
Jackson, Whitney Houston and Price became stars. Back to the Future, the Terminator, Ghostbusters, Die Hard all are 80’s and that’s why this decade will be celebrated with a cosplay fashion show and a competition.

Ticket information:

To purchase Weekend ticket or one day (Sunday or Saturday) ticket visit http://nostalgiacon80s.com/ the deadline for sponserships and exhibits is 19th September.

About NostalgiaCon:

NostalgiaCon is a global fan convenstions company focused towards celebration of influencers, music, entertainers, fads, toys, newsmakers, pop culture, sports and more. NostalgiaCon will capture 1980’s full glory via the people, trends and moments that define entire generations and NostalgiaCon is the first platform to fully leverage that.

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