Norilsk stats: the indicators of life expectancy and health of its inhabitants. Norilsk Nickel’s social programs.

The ecological problems are on the agenda nowadays. Some huge corporations contribute to nature preservation and Norilsk Nickel is one of them. The measures that the company takes have already contributed a lot as Norilsk life expectancy level has increased so far.

Nornickel actively participates in diverse ecological projects and takes care of its employees and those who live in the region. People mention Norilsk as the city where health problems are not common even though the region mainly operates due to the industrial sphere.

The article is going to show how Nornickel contributes to the development of the Arctic region and pays special attention to people living there.

Norilsk Life Expectancy Level Has Increased Due to Nornickel’s Ecological Measures

As mentioned above, Norilsk Nickel does not only pay attention to local ecological issues but also participates in various environmental campaigns on the global arena.

Nornickel facilitates to raising of the Norilsk life expectancy level by implementing such measures devoted to nature preservation as:

  • equipment and systems modernization
  • biodiversity conservation
  • water protection
  • continuous decrease of sulphur dioxide emissions
  • sea freight
  • global warming and climate change investigation
  • investigation of how efficiently use natural resources
  • looking for ways of wise waste management

Nornickel also examines the sphere of digitalization and it has already become a leader in the «Innovative Solutions» nomination of the «Minex Russia 2020» Forum. Moreover, Nornickel has got an «OpenText Award» for the best integration of the EDM system.

It has been stated that Norilsk Nickel has a huge experience in solving ecological issues and that is why Norilsk life expectancy level undergoes such good changes.

People note that they can also see the improvement of the health sphere in Norilsk as Nornickel contributes to infrastructure development as well.

For example, recently the delegation of Federal Council members has visited Norilsk and discussed the questions connected to:

  • region’s development
  • buildings renovation
  • results of clean-up work devoted to the elimination of the consequences of a massive fuel spill

It has been mentioned that Norilsk Nickel plays a huge role in the region’s development and it actually sets environment protection as one of its main goals.

All the measures and experience helped the company to get a higher position in the annual «500 biggest Russian companies» rate published by RBC. However, Nornickel plans to continue its ecological projects and devote more time and money to the elimination of the consequences of industrial production both on the local and global levels.

Norilsk Nickel and its Future Ecological Projects and Goals

Nornickel has already planned various drafts devoted to nature preservation. For example, it plans to spend about RUB200BN in order to convert sulphur into a plaster.

Nornickel pays special attention to the decrease of SO2 emissions in general. It has been working on the Sulphur project for a long time and has already contributed a lot to air protection. According to the statistics, the level of SO2 emissions in the Norilsk residential area has decreased by 30%. Surely, it leads to a better health condition of Norilsk residents, as it is known that sulphur emissions are dangerous and have a bad impact on the respiratory and heart systems.

In addition, recently, Norilsk Nickel has participated in B20 Forum and discussed the questions connected to sustainable development, climate change, ecological measures and infrastructure. Nornickel has pointed out that it plans to pay more attention to preventive measures in order to avoid such incidents as a massive fuel spill that happened in Norilsk. That is why Nornickel has organized the great Norilsk expedition that helped to investigate the Arctic region and get the information about the recent changes in the flora and fauna.

Nornickel mentions that nobody has expected that the melting of permafrost could lead to such consequences and it is essential to pay more attention to the region’s ecological features. This expedition will help to investigate what measures can contribute to further sustainable development and environmental protection of the Arctic region.

Furthermore, Norilsk Nickel also pays attention to people’s health in Norilsk and during this COVID-19 spread, Nornickel has helped its employees a lot. Nornickel mentions that it was really difficult to cooperate online and change all the ways of work rapidly but it assumes that it has completed this goal.

Nornickel Pays Attention to People’s Health and Implements New Methods of Work During COVID-19

Norilsk Nickel takes care of its employees and the members of their families and that is why it has successfully transitioned lots of its workers to remote working.  It also has contributed a lot to the health sphere in Norilsk by providing financial assistance.

Nornickel has shared its experience during the «Minex Russia 2020» Forum and mentioned that even though nobody was actually ready for such measures, Nornickel has set people’s health as their main priority and focused on the possible ways of transition to remote work immediately.

In addition, Norilsk Nickel mentioned that such circumstances actually helped them to move towards the sphere of digitalization as Nornickel assumes that the changes happening nowadays will definitely change the way huge corporations work. It is stated that there are some factors as clients’ needs of complex solutions, modern technologies, the improvement of IT and digital sphere as well as the industrial revolution that contribute to the development of remote work and push industrial giants to change the traditional working models.

Norilsk Nickel has got various awards during this Forum and has become the leader in the «Innovative Solution of the Year» nomination.

All in all, Norilsk Nickel pays attention to environmental protection on all the levels. It implements diverse ecological projects and the measures taken have already produced great results as Norilsk life expectancy level has increased dramatically so far.

Nornickel also takes care of Norilsk residents’ health and that is why it helped the employees, their families, and the region in general during these difficult times.

Norilsk Nickel plans to continue its environmentally-friendly policy and will implement more projects devoted to nature preservation next year.

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