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What better way is there to share great times with your children or grandchildren when you’re at home anyway than to read books together. Welcome Mister Figg and his wonderful children’s book Orange Orangutan. Whether you read to your child or they are old enough to read to you, this is a fantastic time to foster literacy in children, while having an amazing time together. Hosted by Sophie Publishing House, Mister Figg will soon be available to meet the children online where he will be reading excerpts of Orange Orangutan. Sign up for our Newsletter and stay informed about when your children can meet Mister Figg online and get his book automatically in the mail after the show.


Young, Miami Author Rebecca Proenza Book 1 and 2 of Protectors of Humanity will be released on April 15, 2020 questioning how we would react, if suddenly we were attacked by a swift killing force right before our eyes.FIGG Orange Orangutan 2 Her Sci-Fi novels embodies monsters as the attacker, but upon closer analysis and interpretation on hidden messages, she has skillfully managed to question what we would do if our existence suddenly was in danger. Coincidentally, the frightening COVID-19 virus hits the world threatening our lives and interrupting our comfortable routines. Contextualize Rebecca Proenza’s Protectors of Humanity with the world we live in today, using the monsters in her book metaphorically, and with your spiritual and religious beliefs which serve to provide us with the belief that a higher power exist to guide us through times of trouble.

In Protectors of Humanity, we follow a young girl closely seeing the world before her strictly through her immediate eyes. Proenza’s main character experiences her world very immediately as seen in the movie Inside Out? Everything happens so rapidly that she does not have the opportunity to socially distance herself from anyone and interpret what she experiences. Without her family, who is killed, she is on her own in a cruel world.

Rebecca Proenza’s Sci-Fi novels predominately targets 18 and older audience but can be read by teenagers as well. Rebecca Proenza will soon welcome readers in her Meet the Author Online Event hosted by Sophie Publishing House.

Protectors of Humanity Book 1 and 2 are available for pre-order now on They will be released on April 15, 2020.

PROENZA Magicians Way Front

On April 18, 2020, ThomS’, aka Thomas Stevens, novel The Road Less Traveled and Not Just For US will be released by Sophie Publishing House. ThomS takes us on an interesting religious journey back to the origin of the man from Nazareth, whom millions worship. The Road Less Traveled and Not Just For US begs the reader to critically think about life and how the world around us impacts us. We encourage you to debate with your family and friends topics in this unique novel. Ask yourself, what is it really that the author is telling us with this book? Why is this book important to us today, and how can we use it in our daily lives?

Pre-order it today on ThomS’ novel targets all ages, as it relates heavily to the religious scripture and appeals to all. We encourage readers to contact us for the opportunity to meet the author in one of our online forums. Discuss it with your minister and schedule a Meet the Author with Sophie Publishing House.

 The Road Less Traveled and Not Just For US will be released on April 18, 2020 on but can be pre-ordered now.

THOMS The Road Less Traveled 3D

Also available from Sophie Publishing House

Will Harden with Interstellar Advocate, a Sci-Fi which questions government secrecy and our existence and worldview. Interstellar Advocate addresses readers 14 and older. Read the interview on our Blog with Will Harden about his book here and order it for yourself or as a gift.

Greg Alvarez takes you on an exciting journey back to growing up in the wild 1960’s and 70’s in his memoirs City Boy. He blows all politically correct restrictions on freedom of speech in his book, which makes it, according to one reader “Refreshingly straightforward.”

City Boy Cover Front only

Stephen McGill’s amazing superhero dad Mr. Powers books in found in our children’s book section. A great dad during the day becomes an amazing superhero at night and saves the day. We love when fatherhood is elevated, and your children will too with these cute and fun stories. Read them to your children or use the opportunity to let them read to you.

Mr Powers Vol 1

Ernesto Bianchi – Te gusta leer libros en español? Do you enjoy reading books in Spanish? We have them. Introducing Ernesto Bianchi’s fiction incorporating current events, history, religion, and philosophy, you will love this Book Set of 5 book in Spanish. The Book Set includes Magjaber Book 1, Vídece Book 2, Erbianita Book 3, Gafas Book 4, and Vídece Book 5. Also from Ernesto Bianchi, we offer Ciego and Narctrofía


5 libros de Ernesto Bianchi 1

3D Interstellar Advocate copy 1


Joseph J. Dougherty takes us on two journeys with his memoir Joe’s Adventure: Fun on the River and his sweet advice on How To Stay Married For 50 Years. You can get both in this Book Set. Joe’s Adventure: Fun on the River can even be read to or by young readers, but it is certainly also appealing to adult readers, as he in this book talks about growing up in Florida.





Set of 2 by Dougherty 1

Karina Schmitt offers the memoirs of Danish World War II Veteran Ole Bjørnsen When the Germans Came, in which the Danish Veteran talks about the damaging effects on society, based on his personal experience, five years of German occupation had on the Danes. Schmitt also offers her guidebook to critical thinking of political candidates running for office in her 2019 current event book Voting: Because Your Vote Counts.

Pedro’s children’s book Mr. Figs

3D When the Germans Came copy

What Is Sophie Publishing House?

Sophie Publishing House was established in 2019 by Karina Schmitt after she published When the Germans Came, first in Danish, and brought on Greg Alvarez upon opening her publishing house. Dedicated to unfiltered, uncensored literature, after several publishers in Denmark declined When the Germans Came for “not fitting into our political profile,” she formed Sophie Publishing House combining her academic skills, experience in publishing, sales and marketing, and authorship into one package. Sophie Publishing House is not just a vanity printer that drops the ball on its writers after the book is released. We work closely with them with marketing solutions, events, and social media exposure. Our goal is to help aspiring authors market their great work. As the world is currently changing preventing people from gathering, we have swiftly implemented solutions for authors to continue meeting with their audience, such as you will be able to with Rebecca Proenza when she meets online with her reader about Protectors of Humanity.

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Sophie Publishing House supports our military. Presently, you can help us collect fund for Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4127 when you buy one of our mugs. We donate $2 per mug to VFW Post 4127. You can even customize your mugs to fit your needs, such as a great gift idea for children’s birthday parties or put it in their treat bags. Give it to your graduating student or dedicate mugs to your family member in the military. You can also order customized mugs for your organization or company with your logo on it. The possibilities are endless, and we are here to help every step of the way. If you are ordering several mugs, call in your order instead to save money on shipping. Call 786-403-6771 to place your order.

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