New Initiative from SocialBox.Biz Designed to Increase ESG Profiles

New campaign gives IT managers new way to give back to community

JULY 15, 2019 – The team at SocialBox.Biz has debuted a new initiative in which IT managers receive SocialBoxes, which serve as donation points for old tech. The campaign is called “A SocialBox for Every IT Manager”, and it aims to positively impact the community and improve ESG profiles with donation.


According to Peter Paduh, founder of SocialBox.Biz, “Local solutions are proven to further reduce emissions, and re-use and reduction are more desirable than recycling and disposal. We reset machines with open source software which prolongs the lifespan of equipment as it can be installed on older hardware. With the help of open source innovation this can be even some times performed on site, which is further reducing corporate Scope 3 emissions due to minimal need for handling and transportation, enabling local reuse and rehoming with a purpose.”

Data can be wiped on-site, and then open source software is loaded. Then, tech is delivered to homeless people to help them find jobs and education.

For companies, however, donation offers benefits including higher ESG scores and leaving a lower carbon footprint. “Recycling this kind of waste from landfills reduces methane emissions, which are 25x more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere,” said Paduh.

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