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Callahan & Blaine filed has filed a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court against Adam Abdul-Jabbar, the 28-year-old son of former Los Angeles Laker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Raymond Winsor, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar’s 60-year-old neighbor.  Mr. Winsor was aggressively assaulted by Mr. Abdul-Jabbar outside his residence. Mr. Abdul-Jabbar lives with his elderly grandmother next to Mr. Windsor. The two were discussing helping her with chores when Mr. Abdul-Jabbar became agitated. Mr. Abdul-Jabbar then went inside his house, came back with a knife, and told Mr. Windsor, “Shut your f**ing mouth or I’m gonna stick this knife through your teeth and cut your throat out.” Thereafter, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar who towers over Mr. Winsor as he is 6’7, viciously stabbed Mr. Winsor seven times.

Mr. Winsor suffered deep penetration wounds to his neck, back, breast, head and the side of his body. The stabbing to his head was done with such force it resulted in a skull fracture and subdural hematoma. In addition, one of Mr. Winsor’s lacerations extends from his side to his breast bone. Mr. Winsor also suffered significant bruising to multiple areas of his body.

Mr. Winsor was urgently rushed to Mission Hospital subsequent to the attack. Upon arrival to the emergency department he had already lost consciousness and was in hypovolemic shock due to extensive blood loss. He required immediate intravenous fluid resuscitation including blood transfusions. Once he was stable his wounds were treated and he was admitted to the hospital where he remained for 3 days. Mr. Winsor is still receiving medical treatment for his injuries at home.

Daniel Callahan, Esq., senior partner at Callahan & Blaine stated: “Over the past few weeks, the media has been consumed with allegations of systemic racism in this country and white on black crime. Kareem Abdul Jabbar has made the rounds on local and national radio and television and authored an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, even stating ‘it feels like hunting season is open on blacks.’ The piece discusses the black community’s main concern now is ‘whether their sons, husbands, brothers and fathers will be murdered by cops or wannabe cops just for going on a walk, a jog, a drive.’ Given the racial tension right now, had this been a white on black crime it would have been front page news. However, here we have a violent black on white crime and the media is virtually silent as is Adam Abdul-Jabbar’s father. If violence and civil rights are so important to Kareem Abdul Jabbar and the media they should be publicly denouncing this hate crime.”

Mr. Callahan added:  “Mr. Winsor is very concerned for the safety of he and his family as Mr. Abdul-Jabbar is out on bail. This was a premediated act as evidenced by the fact that after Mr. Winsor’s initial encounter with Mr. Abdul-Jabbar where they argued, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar went in to his home to obtain a weapon to use in the attack. Mr. Winsor could have died as a result of his injuries if he did not live in close proximity to Mission Hospital and if his wife was not home to drive him. The District Attorney should strongly consider charging Mr. Abdul-Jabbar with attempted murder. Through the civil lawsuit filed today and the criminal case Mr. Winsor hopes justice will be served to deter Mr. Abdul-Jabbar from this type of conduct in the future.”

Daniel Callahan, Esq. is the founder and senior partner of Callahan & Blaine, which is known as “California’s Premier Litigation Firm.”

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