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National Industry Award Goes to Local Repair Shop Employee

national industry award goes to local repair shop employee

National Industry Aw

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 28, 202012:45 PM ET

Susan Boone receives Ratchet+Wrench All-Star Award for Administrator Support

 Merrifield VA – October 2020   Going above and beyond expectations is the hallmark of Susan Boone’s work at Craftsman Auto Care. The administrative employee wears many hats and took on additional Herculean tasks in light of the challenges raised by the coronavirus. Her stellar and vital accomplishments brought her to the attention of Ratchet+Wrench and led to her winning their prestigious National All-Star Award for Administrator Support.

The Ratchet+Wrench All-Star Awards were created to recognize auto care professionals who are talented, inspirational, and dedicated to improving the industry and helping others. Awards and national recognition, most especially for women, in the auto care industry are sorely lacking, which makes Susan’s honor that much more impressive.

“Craftsman is so lucky to have dedicated team members who undserstand what it takes to build a company from the ground up and deliver incredible service not only to customers but to our whole team. Susan gets this, and during the chaotic first few months of the pandemic, her efforts were instrumental in the company forging a strategy that would keep Craftsman a viable business,” said Matt Curry, owner of Craftsman Auto Care.

When the pandemic began to take its toll on businesses around the world, Susan was still a relative newbie not only to her position at Craftsman but to the industry as well. While learning everyday workflow, industry jargon, and company policies and procedures, she immediately took on the essential role of providing documentation and data to help keep employees paid and locations open.

“Susan is an important asset to the Craftsman team; she is a great utility player! What sets her apart is her enthusiasm in tackling any problem, including the complex and messy ones, with laser focus and a can-do attitude. She always approaches every assignment with a smile and an ‘OK, we can do that’ response. Weekends, nights, early mornings — none of it fazed her,” stated Jody Ruth, CFO and consultant. 

Susan, a native of Vienna and graduate of Woodson High School, joined the Craftsman team as office manager and within 6 months organized bookkeeping and payroll, set up reports, found and managed the best health care available, and set up the company’s phone system. During that time Craftsman opened three new locations across Northern Virginia.

With its McLean location joining those in Alexandria, Chantilly, Fairfax, and Merrifield in September 2020, Craftsman now has five shops open Monday – Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm and Saturdays from 8:00am to 4:00pm. For information, go to www.CraftsmanAutoCare.com or call 833-CRAFTS1 or the Merrifield office 703-646-8280.

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