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Nanoceramics Powder Market Size Forecast to Reach $11.80 Billion by 2025

Jul 17, 2020 7:00 PM ET

iCrowd Newswire – Jul 17, 2020

Nanoceramics Powder Market size is forecast to reach $11.80 billion by 2025, after growing at a CAGR of 16.5% during 2020-2025.Nanoceramicspowder has excellent insulating and conducting properties which has attracted the electrical and electronics industry to use wide range. Improvements in the quality of nanoceramics powder coupled with the extensive use in the electronics industry due to its insulating and conducting properties will drive the market in the forecast period. Increasing demand of high-performance ceramic coating and the increasing applications in the medical sector has boosted the growth of the Nanoceramics powder industry.

Nanoceramics Powder Type- Segment Analysis

Oxide Powder segment held the largest share in the Nanoceramics Powder Market in 2019. Oxide Powder segment is undergoing rapid development due to the extensive use of alumina and silicon oxide powders. Due to excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical qualities alumina powder is used in applications of various industries such as electrical and electronics, medical, gem and military protective equipment. Also, use of silica powder as an anti-binder, anti-foaming agent, viscosity controller, desiccant, beverage clarifier and as an excipient of medications and vitamins in food industry would fuel the market demand over the predicted era.

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End Use- Segment Analysis

Electrical and Electronics segment is the fastest growing end-user of Nanoceramics Powder Market by growing at a CAGR 14.6% during forecast period. Nanoceramics lead to significant developments in computers and electronics, leading to cheaper, lighter and more portable devices that can manage and store ever larger volumes of information. Flexible, bendable, foldable, rollable and stretchable electronics are continuously evolving applications which are spreading into various sectors and are embedded into a variety of products, including wearable’s, medical applications, aerospace applications and the Internet of Things (IoT). Flexible electronics has been developed for applications in smart phones and e-reader screens, utilizing semiconductor Nano membranes. Ultra-high-definition monitors and televisions are now being sold using quantum dots to create more vivid colors and at the same time making them more energy efficient.

Geography- Segment Analysis

North America held the largest share with 37.6% in 2019 for Nanoceramics Powder Market. U.S is one of the most important nanoceramics powder markets worldwide. Here, through its strong electronics, aerospace and defense (A&D) industries, persistent demand for nanoceramics powder is observed. Also, Extensive use of nanoceramics powder in high-grade military hardware and parts of military aircraft, engines and fighter jets, will further drive the market over the forecast period. According to US Department of Defense, in 2019 US had a total budget of $740.5 for national security out of which $705.4 billion was for Department of Defense.

Drivers –Nanoceramics Powder Market

Increasing demand of Nanoceramics Powder from Medical Sector

Biomedicine and medical technology are one of the major uses of nanoceramics, especially in bone repair. Bone tissue technology allows use of bioactive scaffolds, blood cells and osteogenic signals to rebuild weakened or diseased tissues. Nanoceramics powder synthesis process uses a laser technique called two-photon lithography to etch out a polymer into a three-dimensional structure. Nanostructured scaffolds provide similar structural support for the cells to mimic the native bone architecture, and control cell proliferation, differentiation, and migration, resulting in usable tissue forming. Nanoparticles are increasingly being used as fillers in polymer matrices to produce biomaterials that imitate the mechanical, chemical and electrical properties of bone tissue for orthopedic applications. As applicant material, nanoceramics has gained considerable attention owing to their potential to show enhanced and special properties as opposed to traditional bulk ceramic products.

Increasing use in PV Cells

Nanoceramics Powder is commonly used in solar photovoltaic cells to enhance its efficiency and sustainability. A unique concept of solar panels built from a modern ceramic material leads the path to possibly have cheaper, more effective, and less time-consuming renewable electricity. Aluminum Zinc Oxide has been specially developed to further increase the performance of thin-film solar cells. Also, use of sol-gel thin films in solar energy materials application provides double-layer, antireflection coatings of SiO2 and TiO2 on silicon solar cells which reduces the solar reflectance of the cells and hence improves the cell efficiency by 50%.

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Challenges –Nanoceramics Powder Market

Manufacturing of fully strengthen sintered body

Sintering pressure, which involves hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing, and sinter forging, will effectively achieve full densification for nano structured ceramics but it is difficult to resolve micro structural in homogeneity and the constraint of sintered form. Many nanoceramics were sintered to maximum density with spark plasma for electrically aided sintering as the atomic diffusion mechanism is not well understood; sintering by microwave can achieve quick heating but has limited capacity to reach full density or monitor grain production.

Market Landscape

Technology launches, acquisitions and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the Nanoceramics Powder Market. Major players in the Nanoceramics Powder Market are Cerion Advanced Material, Inframat Advanced Material LLC, Innovnano-Materiais Avancados Sa, Nanophase Technology Corporation, Nanostructured Amorphous Material Inc., Nanosys Corporation, Nitto Denko Corporation, Nyacol Nano Technology Inc., Phelly Material Inc., Synkera Technology, and among others.

Acquisitions/Technology Launches

In May 2016, Innovnano-Materiais Avancados, Sa enhanced its technology team through the addition of an experienced ceramist to be based at its state-of-the-art European manufacturing and technology facility in Coimbra, Portugal.

Key Takeaways

The category of oxide powders dominated the industry and is expected to rise during the forecast period due to the rising popularity of alumina powder in military applications such as explosives and silica powders in fuel cell and solar applications.

Tremendous developments in emerging technology, such as space exploration and solar photovoltaic cells, are expected to serve as a catalyst for the future-studied market.

Increasing use of Nanoceramics powder in the application of photovoltaic (PV) solar cell is anticipated to boost the Nanoceramics Powder Market in the forecast period.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, production, manufacturing facilities and supply chains could affect the defense industry in the year 2020-2021.

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