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NADP Member Richard Steffen, Kansas City’s Go-To Real Estate Agent For Divorcing Clients

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KANSAS CITY, Mo., March 3, 2020 — National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP) member and real estate agent Richard Steffen excels at a lot of things. Perhaps his greatest specialty, though, is helping clients who are going through a divorce.

As the owner and leader of the Keller Williams Core 1 Team in Prairie Village, Kan., Steffen has cultivated a reputation as a problem solver, proactive communicator, and creator of win-win outcomes for all parties involved in a transaction. He is known for providing competent and viable solutions for homeowners, attorneys, and financial planners involved in situations where the sale of a home is either required or desired.

As a member of the NADP, Steffen excels at helping divorcing clients. His interest in this niche stems from his first-hand experience—not only is Steffen the child of a marriage and family therapist, but he has also been through a divorce himself.

“Having been through the divorce process myself I quickly learned what a tragedy divorce can be and the long-lasting effects it has on your finances, kids, and family,” he said. “Looking back, I realized how many opportunities there were for someone to bring calm into an emotionally charged situation and how that could have minimized the damage done, especially to my kids who had no say whatsoever throughout the process.”

For his divorcing clients today, Steffen serves as that steady and trustworthy resource he wished he had while going through his own divorce. “I understand the process, the paperwork, and the language of divorce,” he noted. “I know how to communicate so as to inform without inflaming the situation. At the same time, I respect my clients’ privacy between one another as well as throughout the sales transaction.”

Having once worked in the restaurant industry, Steffen exhibits the same commitment to providing exceptional client service that he did in his previous career—only now he combines that service with his in-depth market expertise, adept negotiation skills, and hard-won professional experience.

“Everything we do for our clients is designed to make the transaction as stress-free and transparent as possible,” Steffen said. “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the sense of calm our clients have when we distill the complexities of a real estate transaction into an understandable process that is designed to protect their money, time and peace of mind.”

“Richard was on the mark, I couldn’t have expected more than he delivered,” wrote one of Steffen’s clients in an online testimonial. “Richard was unbelievable!! He went up and beyond what a normal agent would do.”


About the NADP: The National Association of Divorce Professionals is an invitation-only organization that unifies highly vetted professionals who serve clients going through all stages of divorce. The NADP is committed to making a positive impact on the divorce process through strategic alliances, divorce-centered education, and comprehensive professional development. Please visit for more information.


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