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Mohamed Hadid Attempts Damage Control by Claiming “Victory” in Highly-Publicized Bel Air Mansion Dispute

Despite what Mohamed Hadid and his attorneys would have the public believe, the embattled developer was not as victorious as is claimed in a press release issued by the attorneys who represented him in the highlypublicized matter.     
Following a six-week jury trial at the Los Angeles Superior Court in Santa Monica over Mohamed Hadid’s illegally built mega-mansion in Bel Air, the jury found Mr. Hadid liable for creating a public and private nuisance and multi-millions in damages for Bird Marella’s clients.  Bird Marella also secured the dismissal of Hadid’s specious counterclaim for attempted extortion.  Plaintiffs Joseph and Beatriz Horacek and John and Judith Bedrosian, whose lives were turned upside down when the illegal structure was developed above their homes, filed the lawsuit in 2018.  Bird Marella was retained by the Plaintiffs and succeeded in acquiring a demolition order for the property which was affirmed by the California Court of Appeal in March 2021.  The property has been partially demolished and is in receivership, but cannot be acquired, transferred, or sold without fulfilling the full demolition order.   
Consistent with Hadid’s inability to acknowledge reality, and his propensity to manipulate the truth, the developer and his attorneys failed to highlight that he spent millions on this litigation after losing his self-proclaimed $40 million investment in the Bel Air monstrosity, and was properly disgraced by the jury’s verdict.  By engaging in the illegal construction of the property at 901 Strada Vecchia Road, Mohamed Hadid showcased his character and true business acumen.  Instead of taking responsibility, Hadid and his attorneys looked to deflect blame and villainize the Plaintiffs who are regarded as heroes for standing up to an unchecked and corrupt property developer.   
Lead counsel Gary Lincenberg states, “The Horaceks and Bedrosians were heroes to stand up to Hadid, expose his criminal conduct, and the dangers of what he does in project after project.  Despite spending millions of dollars to fight in court, a criminal court previously found him guilty of crimes.  In the civil case, the judge forced the demolition of half of the illegal structure at Bird Marella’s urging, and now, as a result of this litigation, has entered an order to demolish the rest of it.  Hadid’s false counterclaim was dismissed, and a jury awarded millions of dollars in damages against him.  If Hadid’s lawyers want to call that a victory, then be my guest.”  Lincenberg adds, “Over the years, Hadid’s fraud and wrongdoing have resulted in over $100 million in damages ordered against him.  His disregard for the law, and his history of trying to run away from his obligations, is not exactly something that any decent human being would boast about.”     
Trial counsel Ariel Neuman told the Daily News, “I see this as a major victory for us.  The jury found in favor of our clients, finding that the home is a public nuisance and a private nuisance, and awarded significant damages.”     
The Bird Marella trial team was led by principals Gary Lincenberg and Ariel Neuman, and included attorneys Shoshana Bannett and Elliot Harvey Schatmeier, and paralegals Pamela Moore, Tammy Dicks, and Rebecca Attarson.   

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