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Mobile Business Process Management Market Estimated to Grow at a CAGR of 6.5% During the Forecast 2019-2025

The Mobile Business Process Management (MBPM) Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast 2019-2025. Rise in adoption of enterprise mobility management to adapt business agility and get real-time access from remote locations will boost the demand for MBPM software. By adopting MBPM, organizations can significantly improve their business responsiveness, increase productivity, and improve processing times. Few industries such as e-commerce, banking, telecommunication, and healthcare among others are highly adopting MBPM for aforementioned reasons. Hence, wide adoption of MBPM in various industries can control and optimize various processes to create more efficient platform that will boost significant growth in the MBPM market.

Industries such as E-commerce & telecommunication, and healthcare among others are highly incorporating cloud-based technology for process management that will increase the use of multiple public clouds or multiple private clouds strategy. Based on the data provided by Flexera, a computer software company, 84% of enterprises will adopt a multi-cloud strategy in 2019 for process management. Hence, high incorporation of cloud-based technology by companies will boost growth of the MBPM market in terms of revenue.

Mobile Business Process Management (MBPM) Market Segment Analysis – By Deployment

Public clouds are the most common way of deploying cloud computing, and is majorly adopted by various verticals. Internet of Things (IoT) represents a comprehensive environment comprised of a large number of smart devices that interconnect various physical objects to the Internet. Many industries such as logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, home automation, and various computing applications have deployed IoT technologies. In the meantime, MBPM systems have become a promising and effective solution for coordinated resource/entities management in IoT application. The companies like IBM which provides the capabilities and integrated value as Business Automation Workflow on public cloud service are expected to boost growth of the MBPM market exponentially. Similarly, in 2018, Fujitsu upgraded its business process platform “RunMyProcess” with well-proven workflow automation and web process integration platform. This has improved user interface, fully integrated online help function and improved mass data handling significantly, which is completely based on cloud. According to data provided by Statista and Financial times, in March 2019, 73% of the businesses received a positive result using cloud-based services. Moreover, it is foreseen that 83% of enterprise workloads will be on cloud by 2020, according to Logic Monitor. Hence, public cloud-based BPM technology is expected to grow in the MBPM market positively.

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Mobile Business Process Management (MBPM) Market Segment Analysis – By Industry

The healthcare applications in the MBPM market is expected to grow at the fastest rate with the CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period. Healthcare organizations are widely adopting the MBPM solutions for streamlining functions such as leave administration, task management, document management, and availing access to mobile applications for performing immediate tasks. Furthermore, MBPM is integrated with the line-of-business Hospital Information System (HIS)/Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that allow the workers to focus more on patient. In the healthcare sector, MBPM automate all aspects of business management, and complies with regulations, standards and protocols; thereby making business operations more effective and competitive. The application of MBPM suites in industries such as manufacturing, BFSI, retail and e-commerce among others will show significant growth in the overall MBPM market revenue.

Mobile Business Process Management (MBPM) Market Segment Analysis – By Geography

Europe was the largest revenue contributor to the MBPM market with 35.5% of market share in 2018. In Europe, the MBPM vendors are building machine learning and AI capabilities into their platform for supporting predictive analytics and proactive application behavior. Most developed countries such as the U.K., Germany, France and others are majorly focusing on adopting mobile business process management in order to improve their business processes and enhance productivity.

In addition, North America holds the second largest share in the MBPM market, owing to growing business digitalization and adoption of technology by healthcare industry. Furthermore, the retail market in Europe, and in North America, are expected to grow about 3% annually in the next five years. This is likely to boost growth of the MBPM market. Moreover, the BFSI sector in North America contributed the share of around 22.2% in the MBPM market in 2018. The emerging technologies adopted by banking and financial industries such as IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence for process management in North America will play a crucial role. With such an uptake of these innovative emerging technologies, the MBPM market revenue is expected to rise exponentially.

Mobile Business Process Management (MBPM) Market – By Drivers

Workforce Collaboration in MBPM will grow the market:

Rising trend of data sharing and common chat platform in an organization for employees is supporting the growth in adoption of MBPM solutions. Data integration and process-related alerts filter e-mails and communication elements that decreases efficiency of the workplace, irrespective of industry are some of the features of MBPM. Thus, MBPM increases scalability and data networking offered through cloud computing technology.

Rising demand for automation and content & document management:

Rise in demand for automation and content & document management, owing to timing and resources provided for key operations is boosting the market growth over the forecast period. Moreover, the MBPM integrated workflow allow customers to automate any business process rapidly. As a result, automation with MBPM accumulate huge benefits in terms of: Improved productivity, Increased efficiency, Standardization, Effective cost savings.

Hence, content & document management using MBPM can transform the enterprise workflow by using digital methods. That in turn plays a key role in changing the landscape of the MBPM market.

Rising adoption of enterprise mobility

The change in business models for company’s process execution and performing works remotely, has increased dependence on cloud connectivity. This dependency led to the adoption of MBPM systems that equipped with the ability to work from outside office. This mobility will also leverage to stay updated on corporate data in real-time. Based on the data provided by Statista, the overall Enterprises Mobility Management (EMM) is expected to reach $4.55 Billion by 2020. During the forecast period, improvement in the ability of EMM will augment its mobility technology, and will significantly boost the growth of the MPBM market.

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Mobile Business Process Management (MBPM) Market – By Challenges

Cloud-based business can hamper market growth owing to security concern

The reliability of cloud-based business is acting as a challenge in growth of the MBPM market. However, increasing cloud-based development concern with security issues, will reduce the threat by cloud associated software or computers. The enterprises and organizations are adopting cloud BPM to get a faster, easily adaptable and more efficient environment for the users. According to Cisco, every 40 seconds a business falls victim to a ransomware attack and a few of the largest shipment business faces losses of approx. $300m each year. Irrespective of such instances, innovations from key players and start-ups are being carried out to improve the efficiency related to security. Hence, rising investment in terms of improving the security of cloud-based technology from various key players to reduce threats and cybercrime, will boost the market growth at rapid pace. This will resolve overall security concerns and enhance the customer experience by strengthening the cloud-based application security.

Market Landscape

Partnerships and acquisitions along with product developments and technology upgradation are key strategies adopted by players in the MBPM market. The top five players in the MBPM market are accounting for 40% of the market share in 2018. The major players in the MBPM Market include IBM Corporation, Fujitsu, Oracle Corporation, Opentext Corporation, Software AG, Appian, Pegasystems Inc., Dell EMC, Hyland Software, Inc., and Tibco Software among others.


In June 2018, Bonitasoft, an open source intelligent business process management (BPM) provider announced its partnership with UiPath. Both companies together will empower the customers to transform their businesses by adopting a virtual digital workforce and implementing end-to-end automation.

In July 2018, Nintex (intelligent process automation (IPA)) acquired Promapp, a BPM software vendor. Together, both companies will automate, and optimize business processes across organizations. It will connect people and integrate them with the leading business ecosystems and apps.

In March 2018, ASG Technologies, a provider of proven solutions for information access, management and control, has acquired a business process mobility platform company Mowbly. The acquisition extends ASG’s enterprise information management capabilities by introducing BPM Capability, which enable businesses to construct applications and processes for a low-code agile platform with Mobile-first approach.

R&D Investments/Funding

In 2018, Berlin’s Camunda raises $28m from Series A round led by Switzerland’s Highland Europe. This investment will help the company to develop open source workflow automation software.

Key Takeaways

The market share of the top five key players accounted approximately 40% of the total market share in 2018. Major Key players present in the market are adopting contracts and partnerships as key strategies to compete in the market.

Major players in the MBPM market include IBM Corporation, Fujitsu, Oracle Corporation, Opentext Corporation, Software AG, Appian, Pegasystems Inc., Dell EMC, Hyland Software, Inc., and Tibco Software among others.

Adoption of MBPM will shift the industry towards digital ecosystem, to make it more customer-centric.
MBPM is majorly being used for automation, integration, content & document management which contributes to the largest share in the MBPM market.

Europe holds the largest market share of 35.5% in the MBPM market, owing to increased implementation of cloud services, and demand for advanced MBPM suite in the retail with enhanced implementation in the manufacturing and BFSI industry.

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