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MIMIC diagnostic and report sharing network announces it has just surpassed 3+ million images received in their eco-system.

Eaton, Ohio — November 22, 2019 —Twisted Ceptors, LLC announces in just a few months of its production launch, they have securely stored and processed data for over 1200 patients, 200 physicians and 3 million+ images to date.


The MIMIC sharing network is a completely independent and neutral cataloguing system utilizing proprietary technology features that can map, translate and store any diagnostic image format and any style report data. MIMIC, successfully merges these images and reports to provide a single patient/physician view. The network also provides a secure audit and forensic trail of all patient activity for its entire life cycle.


“MIMIC has proven a direct impact by securing images on behalf of image providers for patients and physicians. Providing a cost-free platform to share information provides physicians immediate access, and empowers patients to assist in managing their own medical needs.  None of our competition can compete with our pricing model thereby saving imaging centers a substantial amount of money every day in both storage and administrative reduction” stated Mike Muenchenbach, Chief Operations and Support of Twisted Ceptors, LLC. Adding, “Providing these benefits to the Imaging Centers with a non-invasive, vendor-neutral, and secure solution can change the landscape of patient-centric care going forward”.


About Twisted Ceptors

Our team brings a 35 plus year successful track record of architecting, developing, and implementing highly scalable transaction processing software and technology for enterprise level companies across all industries. Our experience includes developing software licensed to entities that currently process 70% of Medicare Part A/B claims and 100% of national Durable Medical Equipment (DME) claims as well as enterprise integration tools running in several fortune 100 companies.

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