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MIMIC announces a strategic relationship with CHATBUNKER, LLC to expand their product offering to include secure communications between member physicians

Eaton, Ohio — November 10, 2019 —Twisted Ceptors, LLC announces an expansion to their sharing eco-system, MIMIC that will allow a secure physician to physician communication facility for assisting patient diagnostic and care treatment planning.

Unlike other social medical platforms, CHATBUNKER was created solely for the medical community by optimizing compliant healthcare interactions between doctors, while providing a fast and secure platform accessible from anywhere. Adopting an agnostic platform ensures that the right communication can occur at the right time with the right individuals.

“We are excited about the possibilities the CHATBUNKER technology brings to our physician network as we continue our dedication and passion in providing the best facility for the entire eco-system” stated Mike Muenchenbach, Chief Operations and Support of Twisted Ceptors, LLC. Adding, “Providing these benefits to the Imaging Centers and referring physicians with a non-invasive, vendor-neutral, and secure solution can change the landscape of patient-centric care going forward”. “In order for secure communications solutions to make the biggest impact on care, organizations need to embrace technology that is unrestricted and facilitates interactions within and beyond organizations” stated Curt Himy, CEO, CHATBUNKER, LLC


About Twisted Ceptors

Our team brings a 35 plus year successful track record of architecting, developing, and implementing highly scalable transaction processing software and technology for enterprise level companies across all industries. Our experience includes developing software licensed to entities that currently process 70% of Medicare Part A/B claims and 100% of national Durable Medical Equipment (DME) claims as well as enterprise integration tools running in several fortune 100 companies.


Collaborating partners Eric Dovichi, MD and medical imaging entrepreneur Curtis Himy, teamed up when they both realized that despite the wide array of communications platforms available, nothing suited the specific demands and information security requirements of physicians. They created ChatBunker to fill this gap and combine powerful communication and scheduling tools in a practice-friendly application.

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Mike Muenchenbach, Chief Operations and Support

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