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Mike Bjorkman is One of the Top Real Estate Agents in America

California investor, realtor, and philanthropist Mike Bjorkman is one of the most successful and inspiring real estate agents in his state and even the entire country, with more than 4,500 transactions to his name, placing him in the top 1% of all Re/Max real estate agents nationwide and earning him a Re/Max Lifetime Achievement Award.

Roots in Santa Clarita

Growing up in the Northern Los Angeles community of Santa Clarita, Bjorkman has a deep connection to the once-small city, with its Hollywood film locations, its institutions of higher learning, and its reputation as one of the best places to live in the United States.

“In real estate, we’re constantly talking about Santa Clarita’s great sense of community, top-notch schools, and the perfect atmosphere to raise a family,” Mike Bjorkman explains. “But honestly, I couldn’t do [my] job if I didn’t truly believe it. When I tell you Santa Clarita is the best place to live in the world, I mean it… This city has given me and my family so much; it’s my duty to help the next generation of families get just as much from this community as I have.”

Team Bjorkman

In recent years, Bjorkman has built up his own real estate agency, Team Bjorkman, with a group of no less than eight expertly trained agents who deliver superior customer service experience day-in and day-out. In his previous firms, Mike Bjorkman oversaw as many as 300 agents across five regional offices in the Antelope, Conejo, San Fernando, and Santa Clarita Valleys. In all, Bjorkman has managed more than 350 regional properties and now runs a sister firm to his own called California Leasing. Using a combination of family business values and strength in terms of the number of his agents, Bjorkman’s team makes each of his clients feel like they’re the only ones in the world.

“We do what other agents can’t, won’t, or don’t to complete your transaction faster and with more money in your pocket,” Bjorkman boasts. “And we do it because we care.”

Mike Bjorkman has developed a number of unique selling propositions for his agency, including promising to sell a property in 90 days or less (or making the sale free), offering rapid-fire over-the-phone market evaluations, and offering to buy other people’s properties if they buy the ones he’s selling.

Taking Success to the Next Level

Bjorkman has leveraged his success in the realty business to become a valued author, speaker, and trainer at dozens of real estate events around the country. With his extensive experience, he’s happy to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of property professionals. His authority gained through speaking has resulted in people literally lining up to talk to him and hear him speak.

But these days, Mike Bjorkman isn’t just a real estate agent; his services have now expanded to include training people in cryptocurrency and day trading investments. Bjorkman delivers dedicated coaching services to professionals who want to expand their careers. He’s proud to return some of his skills and business success to the community he’s lived in his whole life, along the way volunteering and serving as a party host for local charities and nonprofit groups. In the latter endeavor, Bjorkman finds himself attending as many as two to four community events per week. In turn, this has served as a “win-win” for Bjorkman, as becoming better known in Santa Clarita social circles has only boosted his business and media profile.

Bjorkman Can Help You Too

To get coaching from Bjorkman, learn more about real estate, or simply find out how to gain more wealth and freedom in your life, visit Bjorkman’s website at

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