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Microsoft Teams & Sharepoint

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 2, 2020  1:00 PM ET

While you may consider which Microsoft product to use to best manage your work – SharePoint or Microsoft Teams – to best manage your company’s work use both in combination.

Austin IT Services specialist Jason Simons with ICS shares insights into Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Used in tandem these two cloud software packages allow you to conduct team projects in a secure cloud Intranet. This keeps your project work privately while enabling the convenience of cloud teams.

Microsoft Teams provides a chat-based collaboration tool integrated with Office 365 Suite. It enhances productivity by enabling a group of employees to simultaneously work remotely on a file or set of files while discussing the ongoing work. Teams let them integrate calendars, emails, instant messaging, projects, etc.

The cloud Intranet software SharePoint offers library management and file management. On the backend, when you create a Microsoft Team, a complimentary SharePoint Team Site also gets created. When you connect them using the Teams option in the main SharePoint dropdown menu, you leverage the organizational power of the Intranet. Once connected, you can:

  • Create tabs for a news site
  • Sync all project files with a single click
  • Create a custom dashboard
  • Access automatic file previews
  • More easily meet compliance standards
  • Reduce data loss
  • Access a single search point for all files
  • Link to files within chat discussions

Two Familiar Programs Mean No Learning Curve

Aside from the added functionality, employees already know both programs and work with them frequently. This negates the need for training. By reducing the learning curve to zero, you enable instant productivity.

Employees get the best of both programs without having to switch between them. This seamless integration ensures a well-organized, always up-to-date project. Rather than choosing between using Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Teams, joining them together provides an enhanced work environment.

Work from Either End

You do not need to move into working in SharePoint. The two software programs provide the SharePoint features integrated into Teams. Once you join the Team to the SharePoint database, your employees can access all the SharePoint features from within Microsoft Teams. Conversely, you can also access the work files in SharePoint although you cannot chat in the same manner as you could in Microsoft Teams.

Many businesses find themselves spending an inordinate amount of time working in Microsoft Teams in 2020. The ability to integrate with programs from other manufacturers like Trello, Google Drive, and Dropbox aids in production.

Little Added Costs

As long as your company already has a license for Microsoft Office 365, you already have a license for Microsoft Teams. That means one less cost for your company. That can be a make or break decision point for solopreneurs and startups on a tight budget. SharePoint comes made to scale. It costs $5 per user, making it simple to budget. A solopreneur who needs to collaborate with clients only needs enough licenses for herself and however many clients she manages. A startup with five employees needs five licenses – an affordable cost of $25 per month.

Regardless of the budgeting situation or the work needs, leveraging Microsoft Teams and SharePoint together proves affordable and simple. The two programs work best together and the ease of linking them combined with their affordability makes this an unbeatable combination.

Contact Information:

Jason Simons
(512) 253-4135

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