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Matthew Iovane Explains What a Drinking Angel Investor Is

Having a great idea for a new product, such as a new beverage, will not get you very far unless you find the funding to help you produce it. Unfortunately, producing a new product and bringing the product to market can be pricey, so most people need loans or funding of some type. Matthew Iovane, who specializes in investments, wants to pass his knowledge on finding the right drinking angel investor to you and help you get your start-up off the ground.


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Matthew Iovane Explains What A Drinking Angel Investor Is

A drinking angel investor is also known as a beverage angel investor. Angel investors are people with a large sum of capital looking to loan out money with the expectation of getting a significant return on their investment. These are private investors or even investment groups rather than banks. Angel investors can make their loan decisions solely at their discretion, whereas a bank would need predetermined criteria to approve or deny loans. Many angel investors base their decision on how great your product is rather than credit and financial information.


Matthew Iovane States The Benefits of a Drinking Angel Investor

Considering a drinking angel investor might be the best option for many individuals looking for seed money because many may not have established business credit or may have bad credit. Matthew Iovane shares the benefits of getting funded through such an investor. For example, there are times when getting a loan through conventional methods may not work for everyone. An angel investor will often share the vision and passion you have to help you succeed. Therefore, they are more willing to take on such a risk and back your project and, in return, receive a bigger return. Secondly, angel investors can be turned to if you find you need more money than you originally considered.


Matthew Iovane Explains How to Find a Drinking Angel Investor

Matthew Iovane shares ways in which you can find a drink angel investor. Looking within your community can be the best way to find an investor. Often, angel investors look to support and grow the same communities they live in, so establishing those relationships and getting your network up and running locally can offer an excellent opportunity for your start-up. Additionally, going online and doing a quick search will give you access to people who may share the same passion you do and will be more receptive to backing your start-up.

Matthew Iovane believes that no matter their circumstances, everyone should be allowed to pursue their dreams. Drinking angel investors give everyone that extra option to find the seed money for their start-ups. In any business, finding the right partnership can make or break your venture. Banks can be restrictive, whereas angel investors can make their decisions based on their faith in your model.

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