Maps.Me: Its Features and How To Use It

Digital and mobile maps have become most people’s necessity, especially for drivers, commuters, and travelers. With this, we can quickly arrive at our desired destination in no time. The good thing about it is that with most map applications, you can use them right in your touch screen.

There will always be a tendency to get lost when we go on a road trip or travel to a foreign land. The worst part is that no one is around or the people around you know how to speak in English, or you don’t have an internet connection, and you have a weak signal.

The good news is that while most mobile maps require an internet connection or data to work, there is an app that has the feature of offline maps. It’s called Maps.Me. It will help you get you the destination with no problem. Below are its features and how to access it:

Maps.Me Features

The great thing about maps me is that you can install it for free, and you are entitled to download as many maps as you want so you can use them even if there is no Wi-Fi. This app is also suitable for drivers and commuters if they live in one of the thirty-plus countries wherein you can check the traffic status in that specific area.

With this, you can even explore different countries and places, and you will be able to save these locations. There are also routes and paths where the mobile map apps don’t have. You can also use this app to track a person’s accurate location.

Installing Maps.Me

Before accessing the app and its features, you will need to download it on your device. If you are an Android user, you can head to the Play Store and App Store for iOS devices. The next thing you’re going to do is type in” Maps.Me” in your search box and hit enter, then press Install and wait for it to finish downloading.

Downloading Offline Maps

Once you have finished installing your Maps.Me application, you can now launch the app. The next thing you need to know is how to install the maps and use them offline. The following are the steps on how to do it

  1. Press Menu on the bottom right corner of the screen and press Download Maps.
  2. Type in your desired location and hit enter.
  3. There will be options if you want to download a single and whole map or split maps of the selected country.
  4. Press Download Map + Routing to download the information you need to know about all the paths and routes and select which map you want to download.
  5. Press the download symbol on your screen, and the download will begin.

Where To Find Downloaded Offline Maps

If you want to access your downloaded maps, look for the arrow beside the country name and press it or zoom in to the location or area you want on the main page of the app. If you want to know more details about your desired location, zoom using two fingers and then tap twice on the screen.

After doing that, tap the + button, and you can see them now. You may also explore other locations, and if you find something and want to know more about it, tap the arrow beside the location’s name, and head to the” Place Page.”

Why It’s Better From The Rest

Just like most applications, this app is free, and you can use it to travel by car, bike, commute, or even walk. It is easy to use and reliable since this application does not require an internet connection or data to use.

It is also available in every country, and you can explore using this application to look for the most popular and best hotels, restaurants, themed parks, and tourist attractions of the area. The best part is that you can even do a quick search offline.


The best things in life are free, and that would help us lessen all costs. An application like this allows millions of people to have more access to a lot of things for free and gives us the convenience we all deserve.

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