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Making Sense of it All: Are clothes good for your pets?

Being a pet parent is akin to human parenting: You don’t know what your child wants because they can’t communicate well – at least, not in words. So, if you walk into a wholesale dog clothes store, and pick up the latest in dog denim wear, there’s no telling what reaction you’ll get. Like little kids, they may jump up and down in glee; or they may crawl into their dog beds and sulk all day. The trick, however, knows what’s good for your pet, and understanding what they like – or dislike!


Making the Call

Not every dog feels comfortable in clothes. Yet, clothes may actually be good for some pets. It all comes down to a host of factors:

– Age

– Breed

– Size and health

– Type of natural coat

– Environmental conditions

The key factor, of course, is personality. When visiting a pet supplies wholesale mart, you’ll probably see variations of the same dog coat, for instance. Some are bright-colored. Some have tassels and bobbles. Others are plain, with no frills. You’ll even find some are made from heavier materials, while others are made from waterproof fabric. Choose clothes fit for your pet’s personality. 

If your dog has a naturally thin coat, and is not acclimatized to extremely low temperatures, then venturing out without clothes, on a particularly cold and frosty day, may not be good for the pet. You, on the other hand, might feel perfectly at home stepping out on days like that, only clad in a light jacket and ear muffs. 


One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Some dogs, especially smaller breeds, may find the ground too cold to walk. And, if your sidewalks and walking trails are salted or sanded in the winter, that too may impact the dog’s health and comfort. Some dogs will hold up their paws when they feel a bite on their legs – and may even refuse to walk. In such situations, clothing accessories, like dog socks, boots, and shoes, are good for the pet. So, the next time you go to your neighborhood wholesale dog clothes outlet, think about that.

On the other hand, larger dogs, with heavy coats, may feel comfortable outdoors without clothes. For them, layering an additional cape or coat might actually be bad for the pet. They’ll feel uncomfortable and fidgety, and the clothes may make them extra irritable. 


Right or Wrong…What’s the Answer?

So, is dressing-up your dog a good thing? There’s no right answer to that question, except a follow-up question: Does your dog seem happy when dressed up? But here’s where it gets confusing – even if the answer to the follow-up is “No!”, some occasions might warrant a nice dress-up – like an extremely cold day outdoors – and your choice of dog clothes must take that into account. So, when you buy pet supplies wholesale, don’t just pick what you think is “nice”. What’s good for you might not always be good for your pet.

Instead, think about whether what you’re buying is warranted, given your dogs breed, personality, state of health and temperament. If what you buy keeps your dog safe, and if they feel happy, then those clothes are definitely good for your pets!