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Look for Sci Fi on Vuuzle.TV! We bring to your attention the movies that you can trust

Sometimes there is a desire to watch something where everything is well thought out, the laws of physics are not violated, no one tries to misinform and distort information. On the popular streaming platform  Vuuzle.TV you can easily find such films shot in the Sci-Fi genre.

In recent years, science fiction has become popular among filmmakers, but it should be noted that the production of such films with special effects and complex shooting – is not easy.

Science fiction – a genre in art, which is based on various scientific topics, technologies, theories, and assumptions. The founder of science fiction is the French writer Jules Verne.

In most cases, the main component of the film is a fantastic idea: invention (superlight engine, thinking robot, teleport) or discovery (time travel, teleportation, a new source of energy), a fictional setting (another planet, a parallel world), an imaginary socio-political system (utopian or anti-utopian), a living being or substance with unusual properties (aliens, mutants, antimatter), an unusual situation related to science and technology (paranormal abilities), etc.

On the streaming platform  Vuuzle.TV,  Sci Fi movies are available ONLINE and for FREE, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And this without a monthly subscription and mandatory registration. Just download the app on your iOS or Android device, and you can watch it in the web version of Vuuzle.TV.

Download VuuzleTV on IOSAndroidRoku, or online at Vuuzle.tv. See tons of channels and thousands of movies all free! Vuuzle is a premium streaming service that offers live video content. Such as hit television shows, news, sports, and feature-length movies.


For Charles, video-games are a much-needed escape from reality. But when a virtual vixen leads him on a mysterious quest intertwined with the lovelorn lives of five New Yorkers, they will all learn that in the game of life, every heart is a moving target.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Plato’s Reality Machine” on Vuuzle.TV!


Hosted by Peter Jackson, The Sci-Fi Boys shows the history of special effects, from the earliest days of the silent film up through all the digital advances in computer effects. Top directors contribute effects films they made as kids.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “The Sci-Fi Boys” on Vuuzle.TV!


Civilian aristocrat Marcus DeVol enters military service on a purchased commission as captain of Chimera – a battered, old destroyer with a bottom-dollar crew. Marcus must lead his crew despite his youth, inexperience, and self doubt in this sci-fi drama.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Voyage Of The Chimera” on Vuuzle.TV!


Recovered footage journaling a UFO sighting and possible abduction. This found footage film will test even those with the most open-minded beliefs. Is “The Rejected” actual proof of aliens on Earth or is this an elaborate hoax? We let you decide.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “The Rejected” on Vuuzle.TV!


Little Jessie Graver doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to have the worst birthday a kid can have. Sure, she’s received a neat present – her first cell phone – but later that night, her life will be changed forever.

Watch ONLINE and FREE “Cryptic” on Vuuzle.TV!


Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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