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Leading IP SaaS Provider Announces Country Law Updates

Leading IP SaaS Prov iCrowdNewswire   Dec 22, 2020  8:00 AM ET Helios IP’s DocketEngine R15 Extends Industry’s Most Advanced IP Docketing Rules Tampa, December 22, 2020. The Helios IP docketing research team has announced that release 15 (R15) of DocketEngine™, its industry-leading global country law rules, is now available. The Helios IP DocketEngine™ global docketing rules have been updated to support the recent global IP developments in China, Croatia, Iceland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Robin Cali, Helios IP’s Director of Country Law Operations, noted, “in Release 15, we have persistently worked with Helios’ agent network to collect new and any modified statutory deadlines in support of the patent and trademark application process. We also continue to work with our clients to improve docketing techniques using Helios’ comprehensive IP rule set.” Helios’ IP ruleset is one of the most up-to-date, comprehensive set of global docketing rules that support all IP types across the full prosecution lifecycle. The DocketEngine™ rules cover patents, trademarks, and designs in 320 jurisdictions with 3,100 rules and 72,000 outcomes. More information can be found at www.heliosip.com or via email contact to [email protected] About Helios IP Helios IP is the industry’s first true SaaS solution that combines a world-class platform with integrated IP services. With over 20 years of experience, Helios IP works with a law firm and corporate IP teams across the full range of IP activities including filing, prosecution, maintenance, and formalities. The HeliosComplete™ monthly subscription includes full portfolio data, PTO data integration, document management, email, and collaboration. Powered by the DocketEngine™ global country rules covering more than 250 jurisdictions, 3,500 rules, and 75,000 unique docketing outcomes, plus access to the Helios IP Network of preferred agents for foreign renewals, filing, prosecution, and other formalities services.

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