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Law Firms Partner With The Reputation Management Co. To Delete Bad Search Results For Their Clients

Salt Lake City, Utah — Reputation Management Co. founder Richart Ruddie is no stranger to the power of a good reputation. As The leader in Digital Marketing services for law firms and their clients to remove and delete unwanted search results his company has helped hundreds of lawyers, law firms, and their clients to delete or remove just about anything they don’t like on the internet.

The Reputation Management Co. located in Springville, Utah just outside of Salt Lake City has handled a myriad of issues, statements, and news that have had a direct impact on the public image of an individual or an organization. In the age of the Internet, Ruddie is quite aware of the challenges that Reputation Management faces to manage reputations that are at risk.

The massive accessibility and anonymity granted by the Internet make it even easier to create public posts that adversely affect one’s reputation and when the damage is done, many companies often face a setback that significantly affects their business bottom line.

Individuals and businesses recognize the importance of protecting themselves from disparaging statements made by third parties, whether the statement is the result of a genuine complaint or simply malicious intent. There are new regulations being enacted such as the California Consumer Protection Act that have helped create opportunities to remove personal information for clients. In other instances, sites that post mugshots, arrest, records, and cheater reports have been labeled as disparaging sites that do not act in the consumers best interest and Google has created new platforms to help reputation companies like Ruddies to remove content from these types of sites.

There are strategies and processes that need to be put in place to protect people and organizations from attacks that can potentially undermine their personal and business reputations.

Law firms that have partnered are seeing that their clients are able to have their cases solved by their attorneys but then need help resolving the left-over news articles and content that remains online something they come in and sweep up.

This is the reason legal professionals have chosen to work with us. Since we have our eyes and ears in the industry, we offer the best opportunity for a partnership that ensures complete and satisfactory protection to our clients”.

According to Ruddie, managing reputations and giving clients protection against damaging remarks is only made easier by the combined expertise of reputation managers and legal practitioners. According to him, it is a natural and organic merging of two fields, both of which have the same goal – to promote a fair image of an individual or a business and provide it with a buffer against unfair and damaging statements.

Fighting Back, Legally Ruddie says he and his colleagues know that not many people are aware of certain steps they can take to protect themselves without breaking the law and in the past has hired vendors that did things that were not above board but true as Jeff Bezos obsession of client satisfaction Ruddie never wavered and protected his clients, their identity, and ensured they were protected at all costs.

Many people, for example, do not know that it is possible to have damaging content removed from online sites and can be done through one of the many relationships that they’ve established through the last decade in business Already, The Reputation Management Co. has spearheaded the work to initiate removal and suppression of online content by the courts that meet defamation requirements and often receive the documents from lawyers who then task his company with the job of taking it to the webmasters and Google to have it removed. Ruddie says that working with lawyers has helped them manage the complexities associated with laws covering freedom of speech. “We know the risks and challenges that our clients face each time misleading and false information are published online. We work with them closely because we know how critical reputation is in a highly competitive business landscape.

Their business, he says, grew in 2020 during the pandemic because of a “strong referral base”, thanks to their ever-growing list of satisfied clients and attorneys who either they themselves have used the reputation cleanup services or have sent over happy clients who have used.

“Our goal”, he says, “is to go above and beyond to get the job done for clients.” He adds that their strength is in being able to manage expectations well.  “Honesty and management of expectations have been a great way to show our clients that we want what’s best for them and not just what works for us,” Ruddie says.

The Reputation Management Co. is one of the leading organizations in the industry. They work with lawyers on a national scale to provide clients with deletion services, review management, and suppression of negative content on and on behalf of their clients. The company is the first in the field to have a 100% success rate within a 12-month period, receiving multiple awards along the way, including Technology Innovation Award and Global Growth Company Award.

For more information visit: https://reputationmanagement.co/law-firms/ or call 1-888-501-1288

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