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Last improvement in digital advertising technology: Vidoomy opinions filter

The spanish adtech Vidoomy, whose business focus is digital video advertising, continuously develops improvements in its services and technology to continue leading the online advertising market. Vidoomy has included the users opinions who surf the Internet as part of the algorithm that they use to decide which ad is going to be shown to them.

Based on the information and results of the metrics obtained, the company filters the advertising that will be shown to users who belong to more than 2500 sites that are part of its premium inventory. This modification works so that a favorable opinion towards a product or service increases the probability that a related video ad will be displayed on the screen. Based on the same analysis, opinions or negative ratings on a service drastically reduced the options of related advertising video, since the user would not be interested. The user experience influences on what advertising users will receive during the time the are online.

Vidoomy technology uses an algorithm with associated variables that allow controlling which advertising fits better the interests of the user who will receive it and thus refine the quality of the service they offer. Until now, user opinion was not a variable that applied to these filters, but from now it is already a reality.

The work related to the technology of the company is in charge of the technical team of Vidoomy, who handles not only the developing of it but also of carrying out its improvements, like the last one added: the Vidoomy opinions filter. They have operationalized a variable that allows to increase the affinity between the advertising and the user who will receive it.

“This will really improve the experience of everyone who uses the internet every day, since as of today there will be no advertising of products that do not fit the user’s interests, no matter how much they are in the right target,” says Eric Raventos, company COO.

On many occasions, advertising brands try to understand its target audience as a way to improve its own service, but until now the personal opinions and unique experiences of the internet user had not been used in the operational field as a way of approaching it.

“Our goal is not to be able to show the user all the possible advertising options: it is to allow the user to influence the service we offer to guarantee the result they are looking for. The formula of our success is to always take into account the priorities of our clients and the development of technological improvements such as this that allow us to carry it out” says Marcos Cuesta-CEO at Vidoomy.


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