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Keeping Data Safe & Secure: Choosing a Cloud Backup Service with

Jul 8, 2020 2:11 PM ET

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Every business needs a safe and secure solution for storing and backing up valuable data. A crash in the system–whether caused by failure of technology or user error–can pose a potential disaster for a business, causing irrevocable loss of sensitive records, precious content, client information, and more.

That being the case, business owners need to invest in backup technology. In the past, businesses frequently relied on multiple hard drives to back up information onsite–still a less-than-foolproof solution. In recent years, however, businesses have instead turned to cloud backup services to store and protect data externally. And understanding the differences between cloud storage vs. cloud backup is also important.


Choosing a cloud backup service offers owners the peace of mind of knowing that data cannot be lost irreversibly. Cloud backup services for businesses also provide safety and security, keeping sensitive information private. That being said, owners have a range of options for cloud services and will want to choose wisely to find an option that’s appropriate, cost-efficient, and effective.

Reviewing the Options for Cloud Backup Services with

To find a cloud-based backup service that fits the needs of a particular business, shoppers can go to to find honest video reviews of a range of services.

With a focus on cloud services for businesses–including AcronisCrashplan, and IDrive– takes the guesswork out of making an informed decision by assessing factors such as:

  • Pricing–Does the service offer a range of plans, or does it quickly tie the customer into a single plan?
  • Affordability–How affordable is the service?
  • Business size–Is the service appropriate for a small business?
  • Integration–Does the service integrate with frequently used systems such as Office365?
  • Usability–Is the service easy to use and intuitive?
  • Speed–How quickly does the service upload data?

By weighing the pros and cons involved with each service–delivered in’s short, engaging videos–potential customers can make an informed decision about how to best protect valuable data. The end result? Owners can rest easy, and move onto more pressing tasks–like running a successful business and generating new clients and customers.

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