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JOLT Advantage Group Launches BOT Object Language Translator (BOLT) to Accelerate the Migration of Automation Anywhere to UiPath

May 1, 2020 9:00 AM ET
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TAMPA, FL., April 30th,2020 / — JOLT Advantage Group, the leading pure-play RPA services provider in North America, announced today the release of JOLT BOT Object Language Translator (BOLT), a product that enables a seamless transition from legacy RPA investments in Automation Anywhere to the equivalent UiPath format, avoiding rebuilding automation from scratch and drastically cutting costs associated to efforts in switching RPA platforms.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has proven to boost operational efficiency and accelerate digital transformation for organizations around the world, it has been so widely adopted that it became the fastest-growing enterprise software segment in 2019 according to Gartner. Due to the relatively inexpensive price tags and rapid implementation cycles, the entry barrier for most RPA buyers remains low, but as organizations start to scale their automation footprint, questions regarding their RPA platform suitability may start to rise, and with it, the realization of the sizable switching costs.

The JOLT BOLT is designed to streamline the transition from legacy decisions to a more scalable community supported solution. It provides a simple method to capture the inner workings of an Automation Anywhere bot and translate the function to the UiPath platform. JOLT BOLT comes with easy to use ‘drag and drop’ functionality, robust reporting capabilities, and reliable scalability compatible with older versions of the tools.

With JOLT BOLT, the consulting firm aims to democratize RPA and help organizations scale their automation initiatives without losing their initial investment dollars, retain the development efforts from their legacy automation and attain long term success with end-to-end support on their digital transformation journey.

To get started, visit JOLT Advantage Group to request a free demo or [email protected] for more information.

About JOLT Advantage Group:

At JOLT, we free humans of the robotic work they hate, allowing them to be more strategic, analytical, creative and truly happy. Our 360° RPA & Intelligent Automation solutions drive operational efficiency, optimize customer experience, and maximize employee satisfaction while helping our clients achieve true digital transformation success.

JOLT’s comprehensive Intelligent Automation portfolio is equipped with the world’s leading RPA software platform, purpose-built automation frameworks, intelligent transformation accelerators, custom change management strategy, and highly experienced automation veterans.

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