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Jeff Marple of Liberty Mutual Joins Leadership Team at Keesal Propulsion Labs

SAN FRANCISCO, March 30, 2021

Keesal Propulsion Labs (“KP Labs”), a digital transformation company serving corporate legal departments, is pleased to announce Jeff Marple as its Director of Digital Transformation Strategy. With a stellar record of success in the legal operations group at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Jeff brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role helping law departments of the Fortune 500 become better versions of themselves through the intelligent use of technology.

Jeff Marple / KP Labs

“I am honored to join the KP Labs team. Anyone who knows KP Labs knows that they are the varsity of legal digital transformation,” Marple said. “Their clients have complex problems, and I am hoping that my 21 years of implementing process and technology solutions will solve those challenges in new and interesting ways.”

Before joining KP Labs, Jeff served as the Director of Innovation for Corporate Legal at Liberty Mutual. He led the investigation, testing, and implementation of new technology, processes, and business models to improve how legal professionals get their work done. Jeff also provided consultative and incubation services to support the organic growth of transformative projects and ideas, and he was responsible for advancing a culture of innovation within Liberty Legal. In 2019, the Association of Corporate Counsel named Jeff’s department the “Legal Operations Team of the Year.”

“Jeff is a clutch problem solver,” said Justin Hectus, KP Labs Co-Founder and CIO. “He understands how to unwrap complicated business problems and map them to unique solutions in ways that demystify technology and connect people on a foundational, human level to make them feel and be successful.” 

Jeff previously held roles in Systems Development and Insurance Innovation at Liberty. He is the co-creator of the Boston Legal Design Challenge, serves as a formal and informal advisor to several legal tech companies, and often speaks at legal technology and operations events. The College of Law Practice Management inducted Jeff as a Fellow in 2020 for his significant contributions to the legal profession. 

“Jeff brings our clients’ point of view to KP Labs, placing a high value on the deep comprehension of their needs and requirements,” said Rudy DeFelice, KP Labs Co-Founder and CEO. “As the world recognizes information as a valuable corporate asset, legal departments are increasingly becoming strategic leaders. Our mission is to help legal departments make that transition. Jeff will be a major asset in helping marry technology to opportunity in that endeavor.”

Finally, Jeff is an avid skier and global workflow geek. No one at KP Labs held that against him. 

For more information, please visit or reach out at [email protected] 

Media Contact: 

Rudy DeFelice at [email protected]

About Keesal Propulsion Labs: KP Labs is a digital transformation company that believes in the power of automation to make life better for people. KP Labs grew out of the California law firm Keesal, Young & Logan, which possesses a history of cracking hard technology problems for clients. The stand-alone company formed through a collaboration between the firm and its clients and has been recognized with LMA’s Impact Award for Strategy & Innovation and the Legal Procurement Innovator Award from Buying Legal Counsel.

KP Labs partners with corporate law departments in an effort to make them the best versions of themselves with a focus on business process automation, contract intelligence, and custom solutions to complex problems. KP Labs serves more than 30 leading corporations from the worlds of big tech, pharma and life sciences, and streaming media.

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